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  1. Thanks For your quick reply. YES, I need this one. I tried it but still I am not able to Change the Shipping Table. It remains the same as it is by default. I can change my shipping rates here.
  2. Dear Friends I need your help. I am having v 1.27 version of oscommerce. The html in table.php is corrupted and I am not able to change my shipping charge table. Can you pls. email me the fresh code so that I can delete the corrupted one and paste the new html there. I hope you understand what I am trying to say you. Pls. help me. Thanks in advance Regards Sunit Sankhla
  3. I tried to change the shipping table but It remains the same as it is by default. I am unable to change the shipping table. Anyone help pls. ? Thanks in advance for helping me. :rolleyes: Enable Table Method Do you want to offer table rate shipping? True False Shipping Table The shipping cost is based on the total cost or weight of items. Example: 25:8.50,50:5.50,etc.. Up to 25 charge 8.50, from there to 50 charge 5.50, etc Table Method The shipping cost is based on the order total or the total weight of the items ordered. weight price Handling Fee Handling fee for this shipping method. Tax Class Use the following tax class on the shipping fee. --none--Taxable Goods Shipping Zone If a zone is selected, only enable this shipping method for that zone. --none--Andhra PradeshJodhpurRajasthan Sort Order Sort order of display.
  4. I am also searching for the same, I want to give the photos of my wooden furniture from three sides, I need multiple views of the same item so that the buyer can see the design from all the three sides. I would like to have my customer be able to open those pictures, if they choose, as well. Thank you and if anyone knows of another add on, please let us know, Sunit Shoppe24