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  1. A lot of people seem to have had this problem over the years, but I did not find an answer anywhere. I have tried to find a solution, or at least a workaround. So I share this here to maybe start a new discussion. There where (at least) two problems with the order editor: 1) For some reason (which I did not find out) it mixed up the order of the different totals. 2) Tax was not calculated on discounts and extras. Here my attempt at a solution. I'm using AJAX, so I only modified edit_orders_ajax.php but it should work the same for edit_orders.php, I guess. 1) To define a sort order for components: At the beginning of edit_orders_ajax.php ADD: $sort_order = array('ot_subtotal' => '1', 'ot_shipping' => '3', 'ot_modul_spesen' => '4', 'ot_custom' => '5', 'ot_total' => '7', 'ot_tax' => '8'); Or, use whatever sort order you have defined in your order totals modules. However, ot_tax should be placed after discounts and custom totals to ensure that tax is calculated properly. REPLACE all 'sort_order' => $j); for components that show up in the $order_totals array, WITH: 'sort_order' => ((array_key_exists($order_totals[$i]['code'], $sort_order)) ? $sort_order[$order_totals[$i]['code']] : '5')); for other components, WITH: 'sort_order' => ((array_key_exists($ot_class, $sort_order)) ? $sort_order[$ot_class] : '5')); 2) The tax problem: AFTER: if ($ot_title != '') { //7 ADD: //This changes the value of ot_tax if ($order_totals[$i]['code'] == 'ot_tax') { $order_totals[$i]['value'] += $tax_to_add; $order_totals[$i]['text'] = $currencies->format($order_totals[$i]['value'], true, $order->info['currency'], $order->info['currency_value']); } //This calculates the tax on additional components if (($order_totals[$i]['code'] != 'ot_total') && ($order_totals[$i]['code'] != 'ot_subtotal') && ($order_totals[$i]['code'] != 'ot_tax') && ($order_totals[$i]['code'] != 'ot_shipping')) { $tax_to_add += $order_totals[$i]['value'] * $tax / (100 + $tax); } AFTER: } elseif ( (tep_not_null($ot_value)) && (tep_not_null($ot_title)) ) { ADD: //This calculates tax on ot_custom $tax_to_add += $ot_value * $tax / (100 + $tax); Hope it works for others as well...