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    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    not sure if anyone checks this forum to help anymore, but I've got a couple problems, is anyone else having a problem where sometimes the results aren't submitted? of course I can't duplicate it, but some customers do have the problem, then I try the address myself and it's fine, not sure if it's user error or a server issue or what. the biggest issue right now is with the ship separately option. I'm currently using it and in the store is has some items that are like 110lbs and some stuff that's smaller. the big item is set as ship separately. the smaller items are not . if i try to order 1 big item and 1 small item, it gives me a correct price for Standard Overnight, 2 Day Air, and Express Saver (3 Day) all display properly, but it also shows an option of home delivery at $6. I'm betting it's because fedex won't ship the big item home delivery, but i have no idea how to tell it to not offer home delivery for anything if there's something that won't ship that way. any help?