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  1. jsteiger

    USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)

    This is working fine for me with the excepetion of Domestic Handling charges. They are not being added in for some reason.
  2. jsteiger

    USPS and Serbia?

    No problem Phil. I'm glad I could help! :) Cheers, Jeff
  3. jsteiger

    USPS and Serbia?

    Hello, I just yesterday had a customer ask me to add Montenegro to my country list. He also mentioned to look for Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia and also Bosnia and Herzegovina. In admin I added "Montenegro ME MNE" and "Serbia RS SRB". I only use USPS for my shipping option. I edited the country list found in .../catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php. I added the 2 letter codes and also max insurance amount for the above 2 countries. Max insurance is zero for Montenegro and $5000 for Serbia according to what I found on the USPS site. I also temporarily uncommented the debug email line in the same file: mail('your_address@your_domain.com','USPS rate quote response',$body,'From: <your_address@your_domain.com>'); I added shipping addresses to my test customer account and went thru to the shipping page. You can verify in the debug email you will receive from USPS that RS seems to be correct for Serbia. I did not try to complete the order, but seems to be good up to and thru the shipping page! Hope this helps in some way. Cheers, Jeff
  4. Larry,I also do not have an ipn.php file. I did set it up the way that Bob Mason's directions described. I posted the same question on Bob's thread about not having this file and got no responses. I have been live for about 2 weeks now. I only accept PayPal currently and it has been working flawlessly. I have had 2 customers bail when they were redirected to PayPal so only "preparing" was in the comments. Easy to spot. All others get updated to "processing" after completing payment. I also have the return set to /checkout_process.php The thing I was worried about can be seen in the screen shot below. This was my first test transaction. This is the "verified" comment I was referring to. It says "IPN verified" with the amount. Very cool but it only happened the first time and not again since. BTW, I had PayPal pointing to the non-existent ipn.php file when I got this comment! Weird huh? I am beginning to think that PayPal has changed something on their end. Cheers, Jeff
  5. jsteiger

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Yes Jan. That looks correct. All intact. I did not touch anything here in shopping_cart.php or in PriceFormatter.php. I went thru includes/classes/shopping_cart.php to double check all code modifications, and all are spot on. In doing more testing, if I am at the shopping_cart page, with correct discounts showing, refreshing the page maintains the proper discounts. If I click the "update cart" button, the prices then are incorrect, without discount quantities being applied. Any other ideas? :rolleyes: Regards, Jeff
  6. This is exactly my question from earlier. I have my return set to the nonexistent "ipn.php" file. I do not get a debug error from PP. I also do not get a "verified" notice in the comments box for the order. Does anyone using PP Website Payments Standard get this "verified" notice??? I also tried with the return set to \catalog\ext\modules\payment\paypal\standard_ipn.php. With that I get a debug error message from PP. <_< Cheers, Jeff
  7. jsteiger

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Jan, You are sort of right. Well, completly right. It clearly doesn't work perfectly. I was so proud of myself and you found a bug that I haven't seen yet. :blush: I must have a small issue somewhere. Check out the 2 screen shots. The first one I clicked "cart contents" after adding my 3rd item to the cart. The discount is 21+ so this total should be 21*.18=$3.78, not 21*.20=$4.20...not correct. For the 2nd screen shot, I clicked "check out" which directed me to log-in, the back to shopping cart...now it's correct! Any pointers on where to look?? I really didn't think this would turn into a support post. :( Cheers, Jeff
  8. jsteiger

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Jan, After your pointer, I investigated and came up with a solution. I create a table above the "also purchased" table if more than one product is in the same "Discount Category" as the product being viewed. Take a look and tell me what you think. I don not have hundreds or thousands of products so it will work good for me. I'm sure the code can be cleaned up but it does function properly(so far). :) Any of the "colored inserts" are in the same Discount Category. www.classicapi.com Cheers, Jeff
  9. jsteiger

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hello All, I have installed this add-on and love it. I have zero problems with it. Everything actually worked correctly right from the start with no bug chasing. :) Anyhoo, here's my question and I have searched the entire thread but not really found this info. I have a "Discount Category" set up for a number of my products. So, 3pc of part A, 6pc of part B and 1pc of part C will get you the 10pc qty discount for that "Discount Category". All works as it should with discount being calculated when the customer gets to the checkout confirmation page. The only issue(used loosely) that I see, is that customer doesn't know he/she is gonna get that discount when they are first shopping and selecting items for their cart. I suppose I can add a bit of text to those particular product descriptions to inform the customer that this item belongs to a "Discount Category". That is no biggie. I wasn't sure if there was a more automated way of handling this? Maybe I have missed something? Sorry if this is petty. Thanks again Jan for a fantastic contribution and the way you "maintain" it. Cheers, Jeff
  10. Thanks for the easy to follow guide Bob. I did my PayPal Standard install on a new store I'm working on for some New Years Eve fun! Testing went perfect in Sandbox. Since then, I have not been getting the "PayPal IPN Verified [Completed (Verified; $xx.xx)]" in my comments box in Admin/Customer Orders. I have installed USPS Methods and also a shipping insurance add-on but don't see how those would effect the IPN. I have uninstalled both and still don't receive the IPN. In my time spent on this the past week, I have realized that you point to http://<your website>/catalog/ipn.php as the return URL in the PayPal Website Payment Preferences set up. This file doesn't exist in our /catalog/ folders. I have tried with this set to /catalog/ext/modules/payment/paypal/standard_ipn.php. With this I get a "PayPal IPN Invalid Process" email sent to my debug address. I have also tried with it set to /catalog/checkout_process.php. I get no error email but I still don't receive the "PayPal IPN Verified [Completed (Verified; $xx.xx)]" message in my Comments box for the order. The drag is that I feel the need to check my PayPal account to make sure each transaction has finished completely. Very time consuming. BTW, my store is not SSL incripted and I am running the latest 2.2rc2a version of osC. Any help would be mucho appreciated. Cheers, Jeff