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  1. Did you ever figure this out? I'm struggling with the same thing. Boom
  2. Dreams, Thanks so much for the mod. I have a question about it. So once installed, will I be able to assign table based shipping rates to different categories? I have a simple table rate for our whole site at the moment ($9.95 for all orders or FREE over $100). But now I have an entire category (800+ items) that I would like to offer free shipping on. Will your mod allow me to do this? Boom
  3. Morning Bill, I asked recently for some help on displaying "special pricing" and you didn't respond. I had asked this a month ago, so I went back and looked at that again. I didn't realize you had already addressed this on the next page (sorry I missed that). I saw you said that any changes a pricing mod makes to product_info just needs to be duplicated in sts_inc/product_info.php. So I opened that up and before I bothered adding a mod, I saw this: $template_pinfo['regularprice'] = $currencies->display_price($product_info['products_price'], tep_get_tax_rate($product_info['products_tax_class_id'])); if ($new_price = tep_get_products_special_price($product_info['products_id'])) { $template_pinfo['regularpricestrike'] = "<s>" . $template_pinfo['regularprice'] . "</s>"; $template_pinfo['specialprice'] = $currencies->display_price($new_price, tep_get_tax_rate($product_info['products_tax_class_id'])); } else { $template_pinfo['specialprice'] = ''; $template_pinfo['regularpricestrike'] = $template_pinfo['regularprice']; } I'm still new to PHP, but this told me that if I used $regularpricestrike$ instead of $regularprice$ it would display the regular price either normal (if no special price is found) or with a strike if there WAS a special price found. Sure enough that worked. I just put $regularpricestrike$ next to $specialprice$ and it works great. I went into the manual and sure enough it was there, I just missed it. Just posting for anyone else who didn't understand this. Anyways, thanks for helping me the first time, and sorry I missed it. I'm the only guy here working on this new store, and as I got closer to publishing, I was losing track of my questions and the answers. Boom
  4. Hey Bill, First off, I wanted to thank you for all the help these last few weeks. Our store went live today, and our owners are THRILLED with it. I couldn't of done it without STS. Thank you. I have two quick questions for you, that I haven't been able to answer by searching. 1. Special Pricing I have two tags to use for pricing in my product template. Regular Price: $regularprice$ and Special Price: $specialprice$ The problem is, I only have a select few products on special at any given time. So if I set it up like this: Regular Price: $regularprice$ Special Price: $specialprice$ Then most items end up looking like this: Regular Price: $54.99 Special Price: That just looks like a missing price. What's the solution to this? I noticed that without STS, when you put a product on special it strikes out the "Regular" price and adds the "Special" price. How do I get that functionality with STS? 2. I'm still having this odd problem with displaying subcategory icons, and I've narrowed it down a bit. Here's what I've learned. Let's say I have a category called "Candy", and three sub categories under that called "Sweet", "Sour" and "Terrible". If I put products in the subcategories, everything works as planned. When you go to "Candy", you see the icons (links) to the three sub categories. HOWEVER... a few times I've accidently put a product in the top level category "Candy". When I do this, and I go to the Candy directory, I see the item I imported, but no more links to the sub categories. And after I move the item into it's correct subcategory, the Candy page still doesn't display the sub category icons anymore. Here's an example in my live store. I have a category called "Table Saws" found here: Table Saws Table Saws has 5 sub categories. When I first set this up, the Table Saws page would display the icons I made for each of the 5 sub categories. But during an import, I accidently put an item directly into the Table Saw category, instead of it's subcategory (Cabinet Saws). I moved it to the correct category now, but sure enough, when you go to the Table Saws page, no more icons. Here's a category page that hasn't been screwed up: Surface I'm guessing that there is a different "template" for category pages that have items in them. And after it's switched to that template once, It's not switching back once I move the bad item. Odd no? If you could even point me to where these category pages are stored, that would be great. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Bill, Boom (Our new store as of today! WOOT STS!)
  5. Unfortunately that didn't work. If you end up adding it in a later version, I'll be first in line to test it out. :) Until then, I'll just have to skip on the dynamic content my vendor is offering me, and go the old fashion route. Thanks for the response. Have a GREAT holiday weekend! Boom
  6. I'm new to this as well, but I'll offer what I know. The only editing of that info I've been able to tackle would be the options in the admin under Configuration/Product Listings. You can choose what info shows up for each item, and in what order. The only other change I made was to list my products in 4 columns instead of 3. Did that just the other day, but I'll have to look up where that was... What exactly do you want to "format" in your product listings? Maybe I can help with that. I use the category templates to add a category-specific banner to each one like this: ( It's great for keywords. Boom
  7. The index.php.html file goes in the root of your template folder (ie. catalog/includes/sts_templates/*your template*/index.php.html) not in your content folder. To create a custom template for your category pages, simply create a new index.php_XX.html file, with the "XX" being your category ID. You can find the ID in your URL when you visit that category. Keep that file in your template root just like your index.php.html file mentioned above. If you're referring to your store's front page, you can keep that separate with a file called index.php_0.html (same directory as above) Hope that helps some... Boom
  8. Hey Bill, I need to create a "Product Template" (for the $content found on product pages) for specific products based on their manufacturer. Based on all the docs, you can do this based on category, but not manufacturer. I need this, because I have specific vendors that offer dynamic content (images, descriptions, etc.) that I can pull from their server based on the product number that's been requested. Is there an undocumented way of creating a product_info.php file based on manufacturer? Thanks, Boom
  9. 5 of the 6 subcategories had items in them, and I added an item to the 6th to see if that was causing it. no go. The only clue I have, is that at one point, there WAS a single item in the Measure top level category, and it showed up on the Measure category page. (mind you, the sub category links still didn't) It was a mistake that the item was in the top level, and after I moved it, it still seemed broke. Could I of messed something up by putting an item in the top level category? I don't know what the enable/disable category contribution is, and it wasn't in my downloaded mods folder, so it's a safe bet that I don't have it installed. I looked in the admin for the "do not display empty categories" option, and couldn't find it anywhere. Can you give me directions? I'll of course be looking in the forums for the answer to that as well. Thanks Bill, Boom
  10. Bill, can't thank you enough for these. I'm creating my own bookmark folder just for useful posts on this huge thread. I have a strange issue. One of my categories doesn't display it's sub categories. The category is Measure ( If you look at the category menu, you can plainly see there are 6 sub categories and items in 5 of those. However the Measure page doesn't display the standard subcategory links and a "what's new" box like all the other categories do. You can see a working category (Joinery) here: ( What could possibly be causing Measure to display differently. It's like the $content tag is pulling a different template. Thanks for your help, Boom
  11. I'm just wondering if I install this mod, if the $regularprice$ placeholder will pull the addon info. I didn't want to just install it, because the install instructions are (no joke) 22 pages long, and I would hate to go through all that work and have the mod fail. I may have to anyways. Whatever I learn, I'll post it back here. Boom
  12. I need to display our "list price", our current price and savings (if there are any). I found a mod called "MSRP Listing" that claims to do exactly what I want. I'm still learning STS, and have a much better grasp on it now. (Been learning PHP just to better understand this stuff and that helps) However, I get lost when trying to figure out how a mod will work with STS. Is there a mod that is already "STS friendly" that will display MSRP and savings? I appreciate the feedback. Boom
  13. I'm loving STS so far, but I have a new, and very unusual issue. I wanted to install SEO URLs before I went live. I went to download the mod and it's one of those with 4billion entries. I took the latest, and noticed someone made an "auto installer". WOOT! So I tried it, and it failed miserably. No problem, I'll download the regular 2.7, and do it manually. Still no dice. Turns out, if you go to the right thread, and find the right page, you'll see folks saying "Idiot, don't use 2.7, we all use 2.1" Fine. I uninstall (go backward through install instructions) 2.7 and get half way through 2.1 when I realize... these don't work with Windoze servers. /facepalm. FINE... I'll just get it all out. I went backward and restored all the files I could see that were modified. But now, no matter what page I go to, it pulls my index page and displays it. (sts_template.php.html) See it here: I have a separate page for category "Cut" called index.php_30.html. It actually works. But none of my product pages work anymore. I am assuming this is an SEO URL issue. Even though I've restored everything, SEO URL still shows up in my admin. Still trying to figure out how to remove that. I'm asking here, because I'm wondering if anyone (Bill :) ) could give me some clues, based on my index page showing up for all sub pages all of a sudden. I really appreciate any and all help. Boom
  14. Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for an excellent contrib. Installed perfectly and works great. Boom
  15. Bill, Thanks so much for so much help. STS has proven to be our "Killer App" and our new OSC store is not only close to going live, but it looks just about EXACTLY as I want it to thanks to STS. Before I go live, I want to incorporate an SEO URL type mod. Can you recommend one that will work well with STS? Thanks again, Boom