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  1. Hello! I started my company a few weeks ago, but just using paypal isn't cutting it for me. I need more security and features for accounts. I've worked a little with oscommerce before but decided not to use it as it gave me too many problems, but I'm back again since I know it a little better now. SO my question is, can I take my old layout: http://victorianwinter.com/index2.php and integrate it into oscommerce?
  2. victorianwinter

    Category Image wont change size!

    http://www.brittanywinter.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=25 The category image wont get any bigger....I changed it to 200px but it still stayed the same size... I can changed all the other image sizes... like small images and header images... is there something in the index.php file I might need to change? I really need those bigger >_<
  3. victorianwinter

    Categories and Products Images Folder Tree V 1.3

    I re-did it correctly, making sure I did everything the readme file says, but it still says: Safe mode appears to be enabled. This script will not work. You cannot continue. *is lost*
  4. victorianwinter

    Categories and Products Images Folder Tree V 1.3

    It says safe mode is on..and its under admin. Does that mean I have to take the ht.password off for a moment? or put it outside of the admin folder? *newbie*
  5. victorianwinter

    Change Category Image Size?

    I figured how to change the images, not how I really wanted though, but you go into your admin, and under coniguration>images I can change them there.
  6. victorianwinter

    Change Category Image Size?

    I found a thread on here a few pages back that changes the index.php parts, but that still doesn't change anything. help? (Oh, and how do you change the text on the first page? I can't find that either :blink:)