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  1. I installed product extra fields . When I try to search by an only one field it is working.. when i try to search by 2 fields I can't get a corect result. The message is “there is no product that meet the search criteria” but in the database I have somme products which meet the search criteria.
  2. I need a contribution to generat a pdf file with product details. What can i do ? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks Jack, I have some products with "base" prices in EURO and some products with "base" prices in USD. IN my shop I want to have all prices in RON (first/principal prices), and secondary prices in EURO or USD depends on products, and third prices in USD or EURO depends on products. Now I can set the prices/currency of the producuts throughout the site. I want to set different currency throughout the products, in the same site I want to have one product in EURO and one product in USD. I hope i explained it all clear. Thank you in advance for any help or directions you can offer.
  4. Hello all, hopefully anyone can help me here: The products on my shop will be sold to one country with one currencies (RON). My suppliers give me the products in 3 currencies (EURO, USD, RON). First question: How can I set different base currencies for each products? Second question: Can I update the price automatically through rate exchange? Example: I have 3 products in my shop: 1. Product A which cost 4.3 RON, 1 EURO, 1.34 USD 2. Product B which cost 3.2 RON, 0.74 EURO, 1 USD 3. Product C which cost 1RON, 0.235 EURO, 0.31USD the rate exchange is: 1EURO=4.3RON 1USD=3.2RON My supplier sell product A in EURO, product B in USD, products C in RON. The prices in my shop are in RON. After I changed the rate exchange EURO/RON, USD/RON, I want to automatically update the price for product A, product B, product C. I hope i explained it all clear. Thank you in advance for any help or directions you can offer.
  5. a1b2ro

    Attribute Sets Plus

    [Hi, Can I use standard osC and ASP to define and display some specifications like (see http://www.webspecsdirect.co.uk/product_in...c3b37dc2e0b05f7 ) Frame Features Colour Shown: Crimson Flexible Arm: N Material: Metal In Administartion menu I want to define some "Colour Shown" (Crimson/Red/Wood/Black) and I choose one colour through a combo-box, Flexible Arm: (No/Yes) and I choose Flexible Arm through a combo-box, Material: (Metal/Plastic) and I choose Material through a combo-box; and this 3 characteristic I want to group into one characteristic "Frame features" Other example is http://www.cel.ro/telefoane-mobile/telefon...samsung-l770-l/
  6. a1b2ro

    What contribution is

    They inserted simple html code into product description ? I need a contribution that allow me to insert easily details for product and to show like that. Can you help me with somme ideas ?
  7. I need a contribution that show product details like here notebook.com.uy/notebook-portatil-laptop-hp-550-p-449.html What contribution is that. Please help me