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  1. Hi, While comparing the files in the update and to mine, I found that not all of the updated files had there obsolete ?> at the end removed. Is that intentionally? Eveline
  2. Hi Raiwa, As you may have seen, thanks to your helpful instructions I finally succeeded in uploading the Dutch language files to GitHub. Thanks again for that help! Since you have experience with so many add-ons, you might have tips for me on adapting the Sisow payment modules to Phoenix. Some of those payment modules are vital for the Dutch market. The Dutch preferably don't use credit cards and PayPal is rediculously expensive for the seller. Sisow offers iDeal, mister cash and more. The add-on Sisow offers works perfectly on older OsCommerce, but.. Where do I start to adapt it to Phoenix? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. Right! Sorry about that. I fixed that just now: Added catalog\admin\includes\languages\dutch.php and catalog\includes\languages\dutch.php and catalog\includes\apps\paypal\languages\dutch\* But the Paypal files are not all translated yet. Best regards Eveline
  4. Check this: https://github.com/Denkster/OSCOM-CE-Phoenix_Dutch_language_Nederlandse_taal
  5. I found these lines in the sql for the table configuration. (316, 'Sort Order', 'MODULE_CONTENT_UPCOMING_PRODUCTS_EXPECTED_SORT', 'desc', 'This is the sort order used in the output.', 1, 4, NULL, '2019-08-17 22:55:53', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'asc\', \'desc\'), '), (317, 'Sort Field', 'MODULE_CONTENT_UPCOMING_PRODUCTS_EXPECTED_FIELD', 'date_expected', 'The column to sort by in the output.', 1, 5, NULL, '2019-08-17 22:55:53', NULL, 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'products_name\', \'date_expected\'), '), Isn't the configuration_group number 1 wrong for this type of configurations? Eveline
  6. Denkster

    WAMP - Curl is not working

    I tried that several Times. All php.ini all apache.ini files that I could find have the extension=php_curl.dll It did not resolve the problems. I even tried extension=curl, (new convention in WAMP). Did not work either. I am stuck.
  7. Denkster

    WAMP - Curl is not working

    Actually, the WAMP tray menu tells me that the cURL extension for php is installed! But it is not reported active in the server settings overview. How is that possible..?
  8. Denkster

    WAMP - Curl is not working

    Aha! I see. Thank you!! No that section is missing in my setup... 😕 No idea how to get it in.. 😯
  9. Denkster

    WAMP - Curl is not working

    Hi Artcolnc, thanks for your answer! it says: cURL Sterling Hughes Is that not correct?
  10. Denkster

    WAMP - Curl is not working

    Of course. Does this help, or do you need more? Server Information Server Host:192.xxx.xxx.xxx (192.xxx.xxx.xxx) Database Host:192.xxx.xxx.xxx (192.xxx.xxx.xxx) Server OS:WINNT Database:MySQL 5.7.14 Server Date:2019-08-03 17:40:59 +0000 UTC Database Date:2019-08-03 19:40:59 Server Up Time: HTTP Server:Apache/2.4.23 (Win64) PHP/7.3.7 PHP Version:7.3.7 (Zend: 3.3.7) Best regards Eveline
  11. Denkster

    Dutch Translation for Phoenix

    Yes, I did the front end, almost ready.. Tell me where to submit it, if you like? Best regards Eveline
  12. Denkster

    Dutch Translation for Phoenix

    OK, I see. Thank you! I suppose you set all files to 'read only' afterwards.. Best regards Eveline
  13. Denkster

    Dutch Translation for Phoenix

    Thank you for your advice. I always rename admin that for my live site and other test site, of course. Only this last test site was not at that point yet. Best regards Eveline
  14. Dear friends, Another question. I defined - using admin -> Localization -> Languages - a second language in my test shop: Dutch (Nederlands). It resulted in this list (partly shown) Define Languages Files Writable Last Modified dutch.php 21-07-2019 01:49:41 account.php 18-07-2019 00:14:17 account_edit.php 20-07-2019 21:47:11 account_history.php 18-07-2019 00:24:48 account_history_info.php 18-07-2019 00:21:57 I wonder if the column 'Writable' (and the image for 'correct') are used as intended here. Is it correct if the language files are writable, or ? Best regards Eveline