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  1. Hi we have a xsale on the main website but looking for one on the cart to try get extra products added on items forgot most of the time
  2. Does any one know of any push on cart upsale mods? a little like Laurence
  3. Thank you
  4. HI Guys quick question trying to get full site on SSL when you go direct to home page it doesnt activate SSL till you click on a link. how do i get it so the home page works as well? Laurence
  5. is there a easy way to set specials from product edit rather than having to go to the special page and scroll through 1000's of items to try find the product?
  6. is there a way when it shows the price when typing the product to show price inc VAT not price excluding vat? example it shows Model # Product Name Price Quantity Total 569767246476 4000 WHITE 0.2g proball high grade ammo airsoft 6mm bbs 4.58 and would like it to show Model # Product Name Price Quantity Total 569767246476 4000 WHITE 0.2g proball high grade ammo airsoft 6mm bbs 5.50 then a vat break down after?
  7. is there a way to view images when searching instead of having to click on each item to view image? i.e. next to the model number or some thing?
  8. or
  9. this company?
  10. Can any one suggest any point of sale systems for OSC? We currently use the magnetic one POS but finding it abit basic. we looked at epos now which do some nice systems but no OSC configeration. Laurence
  11. We sell online any in our shop as well as a few other places keeping on top of the stock is the big issue Is there a modual out there that wil help us easy update stock levels etc to save doing one item by item? also be nice if it will show any items currently out of stock that need to be re ordered Laurence
  12. I'm sure I have seen one before but unsure what to search for Basically I would like to be able to advertise a few products on the page before they go to final check out to try up sell any one got any ideas?
  13. short problem I have some one for new logo and design, What i got is... they have done a logo and just downloaded a template with all exisiting files on! problem is i am unable just to overwrite it as i have edited so many files i dont want to loose them i have tryed changing just the footer left and right and header files but seem to get lots of errors! have i lost my money or is there a way to get around this with out loosing all my add ons and changes Laurence
  14. hi have you got a updated version to go inline with googles new atributes?