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  1. Is there a way to exclude products from any free postage? An example we have some products which need shipped via special courier but also offer free shipping for over £100 is there a way to make some products except from this?
  2. If there a way to stop oscommerce generating order if paypal has been declined./ not completed?
  3. When people place order and do not complete paypal payment out site generates an order and deducts stock etc even though it doesn't complete, Is there a way to resolve this so it only generates an order . if successful as i know if people pay via worldpay etc an order isn't generated unless successful? Laurence
  4. socom

    linnworks intergration

    anyone know of any linnworks integrations out there?
  5. Thanks i will have a look through those mods see if it can be done without killing current urls
  6. Is there a way to get site working so we can shorten links with out having to set all products to /product and then having to 301 each product. An example is there a way www.domain.com/product and www.domain.com/cat/product will both work? We have <link rel="canonical" href set up? Thanks
  7. socom


    Thanks ill have a look must have manufacture pages mod installed over time as pages getting generated will try that module
  8. We use mail chimp you can get a free version of mail chimp with a module from @burt works awsome!
  9. socom


    Hi Guys noticed on my google indexed pages that manufacture pages get picked up and working on them seo wise. is there a url that ive lost somewhere when doing development that lists them all? as its indexed ie www.mydomain.com/manufacuter1 etc but be good to have a page that lists them all if theres one all ready installed as i guess these are not made for the hell of it? Laurence
  10. socom

    </head> location

    Thanks sorted yep looks like had to be done via that addon one of those apps thats been installed for something ages ago and forgot what it was for
  11. socom

    </head> location

    I see the get abit get header tags but thats it on the mod it says <script type="text/javascript" data-cfasync="false"> var _foxpush = _foxpush || []; _foxpush.push(['_setDomain', 'xxxxxxxxxx']); (function(){ var foxscript = document.createElement('script'); foxscript.src = '//cdn.foxpush.net/sdk/foxpush_SDK_min.js'; foxscript.type = 'text/javascript'; foxscript.async = 'true'; var fox_s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; fox_s.parentNode.insertBefore(foxscript, fox_s);})(); </script> Step 2 : Copy and paste code into your website template before the closing </head> tag
  12. socom

    </head> location

    I dont have any of that please see SS
  13. socom

    </head> location

    trying to install push notification and it says put before the </head> in templates but unable to locate have tried /includes/template_top.php but cant see it in there? any help would be great please
  14. socom

    Abandoned cart email

    Thanks funny just got a email back from burt as he did our mail chimp config will have a read hopefully will b e as good as his other mod!
  15. socom

    Abandoned cart email

    Is there a way to get abandoned cart emails? we have it for our prestashop website via mailchimp but with our currently link from oscommerce only allows basic features like mail list etc Laurence