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  1. socom

    upgrading php version on v2.3

    Thanks yes thats issue we have alot of changes on current side worried if i upgrade to latest oscommerce will wipe all these
  2. WE have version v2.3 installed Current php version 5.3.29 If i upgrade to latest php version will it cause issues with our website? and have to upgrade to latest oscommerce version? Laurence
  3. socom

    world pay set up

    ahh might be our external firewall?
  4. socom

    world pay set up

    would this be it? [Mon Jun 22 14:32:32.488346 2020] [lsapi:notice] [pid 1095620:tid 140110859138816] [client] [host www.socomtactical.net] Backend log: PHP Warning: curl_setopt() [<a href='function.curl-setopt'>function.curl-setopt</a>]: CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION cannot be activated when safe_mode is enabled or an open_basedir is set in /home/lkay/domains/xxx.net/public_html/qshield/WafConnector.php on line 440\n, referer: https://www.xxx.net/admin/modules.php?set=payment&module=rbsworldpay_hosted
  5. socom

    world pay set up

    Good afternoon, Thank you for the information, The test transaction you have quoted returned the following when we attempted to send POST data to your payment response URL – [2020-06-19 13:17:31.033 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] MerchReq-33-17 Starting... [2020-06-19 13:17:31.035 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] Callback suspended, but retrying (attempt 6) [2020-06-19 13:17:31.035 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] MerchReq-33-17<HTTP Request> to: www.xxxxx.net [2020-06-19 13:17:31.035 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] MerchReq-33-17<HTTP Request> Using configured proxies [2020-06-19 13:17:31.049 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] Enabling SSL on proxied connection to: www.ccc.net:443 [2020-06-19 13:17:31.132 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] MerchReq-33-17<HTTP Request> Using proxy: localhost:3128 [2020-06-19 13:17:31.362 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] MerchReq-33-17 <HTTP Response> Received: 500: Internal Server Error [2020-06-19 13:17:31.364 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] MerchReq-33-17 <HTTP Response> Parsed: text/html [2020-06-19 13:17:31.365 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] MerchReq-33-17 Done. [2020-06-19 13:17:31.372 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] [event=payment_callback, administrationCode=xxxx, installationId=xxxx, merchantCode=xxxxx, callbackURL="<WPDISPLAY ITEM=MC_callback>", sniEnabled=true, httpCode=500, status=error, errorMessage="Callback to https://www.xxxxx.net/ext/modules/payment/rbsworldpay/hosted_callback.php: NOT OK, received HTTP status: 500"] [2020-06-19 13:17:31.372 (TID:msgTEST1Conn2-31052)] Callback handling failed This response indicates an internal server error coming from the URL you are directing us to. This will impact the ‘pending’ state as you see it (rather than completing the order) and also it is redirecting back to your website. I would recommend checking the URL highlighted above to make sure it is receiving our responses ok.
  6. socom

    world pay set up

    ?below was reply Hello, Based on the error:Callback to https://www.xxxxxxx.net/ext/modules/payment/rbsworldpay/hosted_callback.php: NOT OK, received HTTP status: 500 it means that is something wrong with your server and unfortunately we have no control over it. I checked your most recent transaction and i tested the payment response url and i got the same error. The log for one of the orders is below: [2020-06-19 14:24:21.216(TID:msg3Conn4-36964)] [event=payment_callback, administrationCode=SOCOMTACTICA, installationId=1401301, merchantCode=SOCOMTACTICAM1, callbackURL="https://www.cxxxxx.net/ext/modules/payment/rbsworldpay/hosted_callback.php", sniEnabled=true, httpCode=500, status=error, errorMessage="Callbacktohttps://www.xxxxxxx.net/ext/modules/payment/rbsworldpay/hosted_callback.php: NOT OK, received HTTP status: 500"] Kind Regards Iro Kougioumtzi Technical Support Consultant
  7. socom

    world pay set up

    We have just been trying to install worldpay to our site Having alot of issues with the website not working with a call back we get this error back Our systems have detected that your callback has failed.This callback failure means we were unable to pass informationto your server about the following transaction: Transaction ID: 3190790164 Cart ID: 89594 Installation ID: 1401301 Error reported: Callback to https://www.our-domain.com/ext/modules/payment/rbsworldpay/hosted_callback.php: NOT OK, received HTTP status: 500 Server Reference: ukdc2-pz-cen07:callbackFailureEmail-10426:MerchReq-33-17Also, if you usually return a response page for us to display to the Shopperwithin the time allowed (1 minute), this will not have been displayed.WorldPay will have displayed to the Shopper the response page file(resultY.html or resultC.html) held for your installation on the WorldPayserver. This will be your own custom version, if you have supplied one, or,if not, the WorldPay default version.
  8. is there a easy way to set specials from product edit rather than having to go to the special page and scroll through 1000's of items to try find the product?
  9. is there a way when it shows the price when typing the product to show price inc VAT not price excluding vat? example it shows Model # Product Name Price Quantity Total 569767246476 4000 WHITE 0.2g proball high grade ammo airsoft 6mm bbs 4.58 and would like it to show Model # Product Name Price Quantity Total 569767246476 4000 WHITE 0.2g proball high grade ammo airsoft 6mm bbs 5.50 then a vat break down after?
  10. is there a way to view images when searching instead of having to click on each item to view image? i.e. next to the model number or some thing?
  11. socom

    point of sale system for shop?

    or oneapplications.com
  12. socom

    point of sale system for shop?

    this company? https://www.excellepos.co.uk/
  13. Can any one suggest any point of sale systems for OSC? We currently use the magnetic one POS but finding it abit basic. we looked at epos now which do some nice systems but no OSC configeration. Laurence
  14. We sell online any in our shop as well as a few other places keeping on top of the stock is the big issue Is there a modual out there that wil help us easy update stock levels etc to save doing one item by item? also be nice if it will show any items currently out of stock that need to be re ordered Laurence