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  1. ryder

    Quickly Update Product Stock

    using quck-stock-updaer 3.8.5 and worked fine until upgrade OSC to (maybe already after where I cant update any product properties now. I receive following message Warning: mysql_query() expects parameter 2 to be resource, object given in /shop/admin/quick_stockupdate.php on line 82 //Credit to surfalot (Run SQL Script) function qs_db_query($query, $link = 'db_link') { global $$link; return mysql_query($query, $$link); } Anyone that haven idea wht cause this and how to fix it? Thanks
  2. ryder

    Quickly Update Product Stock

    I got the same problem that the price changes like 58.47 to 5,847.00 when update the stock for the item. I don't get any error message, however when I then change the price from 5,847.00 to 58.47 it updates price value correctly to 58.47. Using Quick-Stock-Updater V3.8.5 Someone have idea how to solve it? Thanks,
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  4. ryder

    New Products Icon

    I have installed the New Products Icon v1.5 add-on. I can't get the regular catalog listing to add, this contribution a "new" icon next to the product's name if the product was added to your store within the past 30 days. I have now followed the instructions 3 times, and don't get any error of faulty, so something must be missing in the instructions of code. The other parts are OK, but the key thing I would like to have is the "new" icon at new products when listing the catalog will not appear. Any one that can help on this issue?