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  1. Hello, I have an installation of OSCOMMERCE and an installation of WHMCS (another billing-related software). Both use IPN response back to the script. I'm trying to figure out how to have IPN for BOTH scripts without each other getting PayPal transactions mixed up. I read in PayPal that if the "notify_url" variable is specified on the script that it will override anything defined in the PayPal Account -> Profile -> Instant Payment Notification area. "Specify the URL in the notify_url variable on appropriate transaction types. If you specify an IPN URL in this manner, it will override the URL defined in your Profile settings." Does osCommerce have this "notify_url" variable specified already so I don't have to type the /catalog/checkout_process.php URL in Profile -> IPN in PayPal? Or is there anyway to easily add this? Benjamin Winn
  2. statewide

    2checkout payment module

    I have found that you can also use https://www.2checkout.com/checkout/spurchase with this module so that paypal is not included and this seems to work just fine since this also accepts the same parameters.
  3. statewide

    PayPal Express vs PayPal Website Payments Standard

    The PayPal site doesn't explain very well. I see that PayPal Express uses an API, while PayPal Website Payments Standard is a little simpler since it doesn't use PayPal's API. But functionally, I don't see any difference in how the user experience is. What are the differences in user experience when used with OSCommerce?
  4. What are the differences between PayPal Express and PayPal Website Payments Standard? They are both provided for free by PayPal and it looks like both have modules available with OSCommerce. We are wanting to use our merchant account (with Quantum gateway), PayPal and Google Checkout with the customer choosing which one he wants. When using PayPal Website Payments Standard module, does OScommerce give the customer a choice upon checkout or do we have to use ONLY PayPal Express? Which one is considered better and what are the differences? Thank you.