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  1. atelierbeads

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    I know my way around OSC and STS reasonably well. Current installation is newly updated, using STS4.8 with rc2. I'd like to kick this site up a notch by using one of the Web fonts engines currently available. Typekit is probably the most well known, but there are several others. They basically get you around the dilemma of the limited fonts available to most users by serving your chosen fonts to your website visitors. It works something like this: 1) Have your website design ready. 2) Choose the fonts you'd like to use. 3) Modify your CSS so that all your selectors include your chosen fonts. So, for example, a selector might read "Gill Sans," verdana, sans-serif--with Gill Sans being the font you'll be getting from the Web fonts service. It's one that's not available to all users. 4) Pay your money down. 5) Receive *this handy-dandy snippet of javascript, which you will install in your pages' head content* 6) Sit back and enjoy the beauty and style of your newly designed Website. I'm a little concerned about that snippet of javascript. I'm making the assumption that it will need to be installed in my STS templates as opposed to the OSC core files. Is that a good assumption? Is it likely to cause heartburn or otherwise raise "heck" with STS? It would be nice to get some input on Step 5 before undertaking the all-important but expensive Step 4. An awful lot of the big kids are doing this now. Thanks, everyone! Anne
  2. atelierbeads

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Bkellum, I sure hope you have your ears on today. :) I've been a fan and active user of STS for a long time now. I don't think I could survive without STS--it is what makes each site stand out in terms of usability and attractive appearance. I've been able to do some minor tinkering with it to accommodate various businesses including a wholesale site and a bookseller. I have a site that I want to carry to some sort of new level, and I think STS will be the way to get there. My inspiration is the official site for purchasing Coach handbags and other products (coach.com). It's done in Flash, and I don't have the server-side stuff that a Flash shopping cart demands. If you go to a product category there, for example "new arrivals," the products are laid out in a simple grid order with photos--that's just fine. Click on a product, and a popup window arises. It's certainly got the same basic info as product_info.php, but it's beautifully presented. It's the window that gives it such a clean, easy-to-use look. I think it should be possible to replicate something like that using Thickbox, and I'm wondering if the various STS templates could somehow be worked around to incorporate a Thickbox presentation. I don't have a clue where to start. This is really just the beginnings of a germ of an idea. Do you have any suggestions, or could you start me down the right path? Thanks as always, Anne
  3. atelierbeads

    'Add to cart' showing empty shopping cart

    Alex, all I can do is send along my sympathy and hope by this reply to keep the topic alive. I've been having a similar (but not exactly the same) problem with OSC not retaining (writing out to the database) peoples' shopping baskets when they leave a site. I've posted numerous times, tried everything I know of to fix it, reported it as a bug, and still the problem is steadily ignored. I'm actually having this on three different sites. I haven't been idle but have been searching, reading, trying--for three long months now. I've been an osCommerce enthusiast for several years now, but I am beginning to think that it's a "play party" as opposed to serious software, and that it really should not be used if peoples' livelihoods and businesses are at stake. In fact, I think this is a classic and textbook case of why businesses and organizations do not opt for free and open-source software. If you want to know why Microsoft will prevail, you have only to look at this and similar conversation threads. I have three people who are genuinely hurting over this, and the guilt is mine for suggesting a shopping cart system that has no real path in place for problem-solving. I suspect no one will read this, because I suspect no one actually cares. With great sorrow for a failed experiment, I'll be shopping for "for pay" software with a bug-fix mechanism in place. Regards, Anne