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  1. you have to put some debug point and look at the variables values, look at the exception raised (as example the MarketplaceWebService_Exception $ex)
  2. You have to check and debug function in the file amazon_syncitemsactions.php. Also take a look to the amazon MWS page for PHP, it could be that the MWS for your country is a little different.
  3. If i remember well, the ean_code column is not from my contribution.
  4. products_ean is not in the SQL provided. you have to had it by hand
  5. products_ean columns has to be added to the table products For how to add, use phpmyadmin or plain mysql.
  6. Seems to forget to mention that one have to update the functions in the file amazon_common.php depending on the version of the shop one has installed. That one is for a shop with the attributes stock quantity contribution.
  7. Yes, It's just the link to your product on amazon.
  8. @@abelux yes, i'm sorry but i forget to add to mention that products_ean columns has to be added to the table. @@AdmiralRedBeard yes, of course you need to change the amazon viewlink amazon_list.txt it should be created when you add a product from the crontribution to amazon.
  9. Hello, at first you have to add products admin\amazon_addproducts.php called passing your product id (see files where it is called in the contribution download)
  10. This contribution allow the synchronization from your osCommerce shop to your Amazon shop.
  11. i'm sorry but i did not recive notify for this forum :(
  12. hello. This contribution is completely web-based, it use SOAP and the ebay API to synchronize items. please look at for ebay API documentation. it requires small changes to work.