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  1. holtyboy

    Protx vs SECpay

    I need to choose a payment gateway provider in the UK to plug into my merchant account. Protx and SECPay seem like the best two options for my needs. I can't be the only one on this board to reach that conclusion, but the question is... Which one do I go with? More specifically... Anybody know from experience which of these integrates best with osC MS2? I'd really like to capture the card details through osC rather than hand the customer over to the payment gateway. I know both these providers support both a form based and a direct process. Ultimately though the question comes down how well this has been supported in osC. Your views most welcome! Thanks.
  2. holtyboy

    How do i set up my credit card machine?

    No but when you authorise the card with your machine - don't you get AVS then? You therefore need to state in your T&C's that an order is not fully accepted until a despatch email has been sent - ie after you have cleared the transaction. Also to go back to the question about automatically handling it. You can do this. If you have a CC machine you must also have a Merchant Account. You can therefore subscribe to an Internet Payment Processor / Gateway. They act like a virtual CC machine that plugs into osC. You then give them your Merchant Number so it is still your bank etc that does the acquisition for the transaction... (unlike paypal or 2co who are acting as 3rd party payment providers and therefore taking the money on your behalf). Here in the UK such companies are Protx and SECPay. In the US I believe one of the biggest players is Authorize.NET... can't be that big though incorrectly spelling Authorise :P
  3. holtyboy

    Which payment provider to use for UK

    Protx is only a gateway terminal. You have to have a merchant account to back it off. Worldpay is the obvious answer for UK vendors. You do have to pass off to Worldpay's site to capture CC details but you can customise the WP page to look and feel like your site. I'm currently looking into Protx / SECPay together with a merchant account for my site. Have been using Paysystems which is a Canadian based 3rd party processor but (as has been widely publicised on most ecommerce related forums) they terminated all their accounts on Saturday as their bank has shut them down. I think in the longer run having a real merchant account is a better bet than Worldpay.
  4. holtyboy

    Good alternatives to PaySystems?

    Johnny - I'm in the same boat. I'm UK based though so have a different slant on this but here's my thinking: 1. 2CO - currently not on my list. I tried them just after they launched native GBP support. It was buggy - you would pass, e.g. ?30.00 to 2CO and then when the customer arrtived at 2CO payment page it would be ?30.11 or similar - as if 2CO was internally converting to USD and rounding up or something. Anybody use it for GBP transactions now and know if this problem has been fixed? 2. Worldpay - the thing I don't like about these guys is the set-up fee. I've read on forums before that if you call them up you can often negotiate it. I tried - no such luck - completely stuck their guns on the amount. Anybody know a sneaky way to get this waived? 3. Protx + merchant account. Can anybody recommend a UK merchant account or have you seen any comparisons online anywhere - am really trying to keep the monthly outgoings down. Cheers... HB
  5. Guys, Have been considering installing PWA in my store. Just wondered if anybody could help me understand the pro's & con's / differences compared with the rather similar sounding Guest Account contribution. Thanks, H.
  6. holtyboy

    Guest Accounts v. 2.0 for MS2

    I'm considering installing this contribution but just wondered if anybody could help me understand how it differs to the PWA (Purchase Without Account) contrib? cheers... h.
  7. Hi Guys, I haven't installed this contribution yet so was hoping somebody could confirm if it is the right thing for my intended use: Basically I want to send out a viral email to my customers, which they can then forward to their friends. The email will contain a discount code which entitles them to 10% off an order. They can only claim the discount once. So just to be clear: the discount / voucher code is not unique per customer, but I will only allow each registered customer to be able to claim it once. Thanks for your help. BR /h.
  8. I'm trying to create a very basic shipping module that allows me to offer collections at various sites. For these sites I offer flat rate shipping cost so there is no clever calculations or lookups required. What I'm stuck on is... when the customer is on checkout_shipping.php and they see the option to select this module I also want a field below it where they have to type the name of the site they want to collect from. Just a simple text entry box, but I can't figure where to code it. Any help greatly appreciated! /h.
  9. holtyboy

    Setup Offline Processing

    I recently downloaded a contrib called cc_cvv+encryption v1.7. I haven't played around with it much yet but it certainly seems to have some significant improvements over the built-in handler. I think the encryption is still quite early-on but it's certainly better than storing it in plain-text.
  10. holtyboy

    Setup Offline Processing

    Yes just turn on the built-in payment module called "Credit Card". This is designed for exactly that. You might also want to consider replacing it with one of the contributions that supports encryption as I believe the built-in module stores the credit card number unencrypted in MYSQL.
  11. holtyboy

    WARNING for 2Checkout users

    So here's the thing. Yesterday I took out a 2Checkout account and it worked fine with osC except for one major issue. I realised it doesn't properly support foreign currencies. I run a UK based store, aimed 99% at British customers, with GBP as the default currency (actually only currency). Therefore it was a big hangup for me when I realised that once you pass the user over to 2CO he's presented with everything in dollars. For my target market I know that they wouldn't be happy with that. Then I did a fair bit of investigating, and discovered that 2CO does support the capability to work with a different base currency. Actually I think they rolled this functionality out this week as part of a new release of the 2CO interface. I contacted 2CO and they told me that when I signed up yesterday I used the old signup form which therefore gave me an old account. I therefore cancelled the account and re-opened one today using a different sign-up form and got the brand new 2CO account. Now the reason for me posting this here is to let people know that: Having now set-up one of the new accounts I discovered that they seemed to have made some changes to the CGI specification... to the point that it no longer works with the 2checkout payment module in osC. Obviously treat this as a warning to existing users as I believe it is the intention of 2CO to migrate current users onto the new platform in the near future. If I can solve the issue below then I will have a go at editing pm2checkout.php to work and will post my changes if I can get it to work. Having browsed some old threads here I found quite a few people asking about foreign currency support with 2CO, but very little in the way of definitive answers. Just to let you know then that my current findings have shown that the 2CO implementation of this appears far from perfect. It appears that it is converting the total amount passed on the CGI internally into dollars and then back into GBP before displaying it to the customer, but it is clearly doing some rounding or using a different exchange rate in each direction because it is a few pence different to the amount it should be. E.g. I told it I wanted to bill the customer ?35.00 but it displayed ?35.17. I have written to tech support to determine if this is a temporary bug or a more permanent feature. In my mind not a satisfactory solution for foreign payments. cheers... h.
  12. Hi, I just installed this contribution for the first time (1.7). I wondered if there was a reason as to why the HELP link only appears against CVV if you have all options switched on (ie Start Date, CVV and Issue) rather than another combination where CVV is left on. I mean I can see why from a code perspective, ie in cc.php the pop-up reference is only in the "all on" case, as per: // ++ issue ++ cvv ++ start date array('title' => MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_TEXT_CREDIT_CARD_CVV . ' ' .'<a href="javascript:popupWindow(\'' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_POPUP_CVV, '', 'SSL') . '\')">' . MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_TEXT_CVV_LINK . '</a>', 'field' => tep_draw_input_field('cc_cvv', '', 'size=4 maxlength=4')), rather than say in this case: // ++ cvv -- issue ++ start date array('title' => MODULE_PAYMENT_CC_TEXT_CREDIT_CARD_CVV, 'field' => tep_draw_input_field('cc_cvv', '', 'size=4 maxlength=4')), I just wanted to check that this was a bug and there wasn't a good reason for it being there before I go changing it! Also just wondered if any of you guys might know the reason why the HTML formatting isn't getting handled properly in the "Credit Card Error!" message... ie instead of applying the <b> formatting, etc, it just displays The card you have entered is a <b>JCB</b><br>At this time we do not accept <b>JCB</b> as payment. This isn't a problem with this contribution per se - I noticed it before I installed it. I'm just not sure if it's a problem with 2.2MS2 or something I've introduced whlst hacking around. Anybody have any ideas how to fix it? Cheers... h.