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  1. Product attributes problems - please help!! I installed EP and uploaded a file from anothe shopping cart. Everything is spot on except when I go to products attributes to amend those items with variations in size etc, none of the products appear for editing. Even if I add a new product manually via admin I cannot add any attributes. Anyone any ideas?? Greatly appreciated, Michelle.
  2. shell-mc

    Bulk Editor

    I'd be interested in this too if anyone can help??
  3. shell-mc

    Infobox add on

    Please can anyone help with this???? Pretty please???? :P
  4. shell-mc

    Infobox add on

    Hi guys, I'm trying to install the Infobox add on contribution by The Exterminator. I'm fine for te most part but not sur what to do with this: UPDATE SQL 2.24 to 2.25 ============= for use set_function to edit 'left' and 'right' : (update by Thomas Schittli 31.7.2006) Execute the SQL Script update for tep_cfg_select_option.sql This should add the new column set_function to theme_configuration and define for all rows the default value 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'left\', \'right\'),' How do I update the sql file?? (sorry, new to all this so don't want to go tinkering where I shouldn't!!) Has anybody else installed this contrib and does it work ok? Grateful for any help... Thanks, Michelle.