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  1. tudoroiuj

    resize image on uploading

    They are in jpg format... I scan the pictures and then i upload them...
  2. tudoroiuj

    resize image on uploading

    i have 2000 pictures.... :))) if i stay to photohop them.. i'll never finish...
  3. hi I have a problem with images. I have images that pass 4 MB and they are so big (like size in Mb and size on screen). I want to resize the image when I upload it. I tried the add on resize image from contribution section.. but it doesn't work... it doesn't keep the proportionas of the picture.. and if the picture pass 2Mb it doesn't upload it any more... Can someone help me? Thank you!
  4. tudoroiuj

    Sitemap SEO

    hei great add on i have a problem on: admin/sitemap_seo_box_control.php the error messsage is : Select a Box Note: This is a multi-select list so more than one item can be selected at once. Fatal error: Cannot use string offset as an array in /admin/includes/functions/sitemap.php on line 410 Thank you!
  5. tudoroiuj

    [Contribution] shop by price

    hei can anyone help me with this:? i read all the topics and replies but didn't manged to resolve the problem that i seen that a lot of people had... i want first to print the price range withouth those decimals second i am in a category and i click a price range... the results must be from that category.. can you help me with this? thank you!