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  1. if you are using one of the versions of EP that I uploaded there is a section of the docs called, how to ask for help. please follow those directions for help on this. I have set Excel safe output to false and this solved the problem define ('EP_EXCEL_SAFE_OUTPUT', false); // default is: true Thank you a great contribution indeed.
  2. Hello! I have just downloaded EP and tested it on a fresh osc RC2 in a local server, I downloaded a complete file of the default products that comes with osc, but in the excel file i found that all the text of each product is ONE cell ! This is the first and second excel rows ( CELL A1 and A2) other columns are empty v_products_model,v_products_name_4,v_products_description_4,v_products_url_4,v_p roducts_image,v_products_price,v_products_quantity,v_products_weight,v_date_avai l ,v_date_added,v_categories_image_1,v_categories_name_1_4,v_categories_image_2,v_ c ategories_name_2_4,v_categories_image_3,v_categories_name_3_4,v_categories_image _ 4,v_categories_name_4_4,v_categories_image_5,v_categories_name_5_4,v_categories_ i mage_6,v_categories_name_6_4,v_categories_image_7,v_categories_name_7_4,v_manufa c turers_name,v_attribute_options_id_1,v_attribute_options_name_1_4,v_attribute_op t ions_id_2,v_attribute_options_name_2_4,v_attribute_options_id_3,v_attribute_opti o ns_name_3_4,v_attribute_values_id_3_1,v_attribute_values_name_3_1_4,v_attribute_ v alues_price_3_1,v_attribute_values_id_3_2,v_attribute_values_name_3_2_4,v_attrib u te_values_price_3_2,v_attribute_values_id_3_3,v_attribute_values_name_3_3_4,v_at t ribute_values_price_3_3,v_attribute_values_id_3_4,v_attribute_values_name_3_4_4, v _attribute_values_price_3_4,v_attribute_values_id_3_5,v_attribute_values_name_3_ 5 _4,v_attribute_values_price_3_5,v_attribute_options_id_4,v_attribute_options_nam e _4_4,v_attribute_values_id_4_1,v_attribute_values_name_4_1_4,v_attribute_values_ p rice_4_1,v_attribute_values_id_4_2,v_attribute_values_name_4_2_4,v_attribute_val u es_price_4_2,v_attribute_values_id_4_3,v_attribute_values_name_4_3_4,v_attribute _ values_price_4_3,v_attribute_values_id_4_4,v_attribute_values_name_4_4_4,v_attri b ute_values_price_4_4,v_attribute_options_id_5,v_attribute_options_name_5_4,v_att r ibute_values_id_5_1,v_attribute_values_name_5_1_4,v_attribute_values_price_5_1,v _ attribute_values_id_5_2,v_attribute_values_name_5_2_4,v_attribute_values_price_5 _ 2,v_tax_class_title,v_status,EOREOR MG400-32MB,"Matrox G400 32MB","<b>Dramatically Different High Performance Graphics</b><br><br>Introducing the Millennium G400 Series - a dramatically different, high performance graphics experience. Armed with the industry's fastest graphics chip, the Millennium G400 Series takes explosive acceleration two steps further by adding unprecedented image quality, along with the most versatile display options for all your 3D, 2D and DVD applications. As the most powerful and innovative tools in your PC's arsenal, the Millennium G400 Series will not only change the way you see graphics, but will revolutionize the way you use your computer.<br><br><b>Key features:</b><ul><li>New Matrox G400 256-bit DualBus graphics chip</li><li>Explosive 3D, 2D and DVD performance</li><li>DualHead Display</li><li>Superior DVD and TV output</li><li>3D Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping</li><li>Vibrant Color Quality rendering </li><li>UltraSharp DAC of up to 360 MHz</li><li>3D Rendering Array Processor</li><li>Support for 16 or 32 MB of memory</li></ul>","www.matrox.com/mga/products/mill_g400/home.htm","matrox/mg400-32mb.gif","499.99","32","23.00","","2009-01-03 01:40:28","category_hardware.gif","Hardware","subcategory_graphic_cards.gif","Graphics Cards","","","","","","","","","","","Matrox","1","Color","2","Size","3","Model","5","Value","","6","Premium","+0.0000","7","Deluxe","+120.0000","8","PS/2","","9","USB","","4","Memory","1","4 mb","","2","8 mb","","3","16 mb","-10.0000","4","32 mb","+0.0000","5","Version","10","Download: Windows - English","","13","Box: Windows - English","","Taxable Goods","Active",EOREOR Please do you have any idea how to fix this?
  3. These are basic things you have to learn before you plan to build a site. The first step in that installation is to add that query to the database using phpmyadmin. I guess you know what myphpadmin is as you have aleady created a database before you installed your oscommerce. the quicker way to add a table is by clicking on the small "SQL" button on the left hand side below the phpMyAdmin logo. This will bring up a query window where you can past that code.
  4. newbie2009

    AJAX Shopping Cart

    There is a bug in this contribution. If you switch the manufactures in this page, the cart will get empty!! in a fresh install of osc + this contribution. Click on DVD movies => Comedy, then switch the manufactures in: Let's See What We Have Here Show: ALL Manufactures FOX Warners I hope you will fix this bug guys.
  5. I did replace them with product listing contribution files, but this is not a problem because Quantity Box in Product Listing v1.0 is only this hack: 1) in catalog/includes/modules/product_listing.php find: case 'PRODUCT_LIST_BUY_NOW': $lc_align = 'center'; $lc_text = '<a href="' . tep_href_link(basename($PHP_SELF), tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=buy_now&products_id=' . $listing['products_id']) . '">' . tep_image_button('button_buy_now.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_BUY_NOW) . '</a>'; break; } replace with: case 'PRODUCT_LIST_BUY_NOW': $lc_align = 'center'; $lc_text = '<form name="cart_quantity" method="post" action="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_PRODUCT_INFO, tep_get_all_get_params(array('action')) . 'action=add_product', 'NONSSL'). '"><input type="hidden" name="products_id" value="' . $listing['products_id'] . '"><input type="text" name="quantity" value="1" maxlength="5" size="5"><br>' . tep_image_submit('button_in_cart.gif', IMAGE_BUTTON_IN_CART) . '</form>'; break; } I did this .. but no effect. :-(
  6. Hi thank you for the reply but that's what i did, i have installed another contribution named Quantity Box in Product Listing v1.0 It worked, but after installed Sam's Product Listing Enhancement contribution, the Quantity Box in Product Listing v1.0 doesn't work anymore.. (I won't both of them) :( :( Help me please
  7. Hi Sam, I am using this hack, but it is not compatible with your contribution :( Quantity Box in Product Listing v1.0 After installing your contribution, it doesn't work anymore :( Please how to add Quantity Box in Product Listing ?
  8. Hi I have tried this addon it is interesting but it doesn't work :( http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1873 Nav bar with on/off tabs I want to add tabs to the header (not categories tabs, just 5 main tabs), searched the whole forum, all the members who asked for this hack, didn't get help. :( :( Many thanks for the one who will help me.