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  1. Perhaps a different Thumbnail from the picture I am using inside ?
  2. Thanks as the thumbnails that are created by oscommerce are very ugly - Not because of the proportions but because of the resizing
  3. Thanks I remember seeing it before
  4. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_customers_groups_id() in /home/tradertt/public_html/catalog/includes/boxes/specials.php on line 15 Anyone know why I get this error?
  5. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_get_customers_groups_id() in /home/tradertt/public_html/catalog/includes/boxes/specials.php on line 15 Guys I just installed tihs mod but I get this error... anyone can help on why is it like thaT?
  6. Found it hal1 thanks. Its the sort order problem ... :-0)
  7. Sorry the Paypal thing was just an error in my Laptop. P.S. I still cannot find the TICK BOX for redeeming the GV ..
  8. https://secure.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr Does anyone know why I get this when I try to checkout into Paypal payment?
  9. Hi I have read the install.html but it seems that I have done everything inside that could be done even posting the previous post. Gift Vouchers had been installed and 1 problem is that there is no tick box for me to tick to use the Gift Vouchers. I will try to attach a screenshot later if possible. Could it be due to the sort order? HEre is my sort order: Discount Coupons: 740 Gift Vouchers: 9 Shipping: 2 Sub Total: 1 Tax: 3 Total: 900 Anyone can help?
  10. Acutallly I personally feel Coupons and GV are very similar. Both gives an amount off the total price right?
  11. Hi Sorry about all this. Its alright. Its my fault. I was too anxious to read a installation guide. Will try to read it now. :-) I understand how people feel when they keep seeing the same question pop up though hob was not very "polite" Thanks hal1 and thanks hob
  12. When I sent a gift voucher, it gave me a link to click and it states voucher redeemed.. but when I purchased something from the store, the voucher is not being used ... Why
  13. By the way, what is the main difference between a GIFT VOUCHER and a COUPON? Thanks
  14. At the moment I cannot think of anything to combat that problem :-) Can I check for the COUPON ADMIN when I email coupon .. I can only email to a fix list ... Can it be sent to someone out of the list as in I key in my own email? Or should that be done with a gift voucher? 2) When the email is sent, can more details be sent together with the email like, COUPON EXPIRY DATE, MIN PURCHASE AMOUNT, CATEOGORY (if any) Can all these be done and how? Thanks :-)