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  1. http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4990/v,22
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    Get 1 Free

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    Get 1 Free

    meaning replace this part catalog/admin/includes/functions/get_1_free.php wth this part? includes/classes/shopping_cart.php
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    Get 1 Free

    Hi, i ve tried to download get_1_free_1.4_1 contrib twice and i couldnt find catalog/admin/includes/functions/get_1_free.php .. did i missd something?
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    [Contribution] STS v4

    Problem solved! After I install i changed the base folder, the error occur because i changed it ..
  6. rania

    [Contribution] STS v4

    Im facing the same problem and Ive tried ur steps 1) Remove STS module 2) Log Out from admin 3) Log in admin 4) Install STS default when i checked at shop its ill displaying same error .. Hope you can help
  7. rania

    Shipping Labels

    I search at contrib. for labels but most of it require details to be converted to PDF format. If there is, it is for USPS. Is there any contrib. tht can just get the customer's details (i.e: name, address, zipcode, order ID) and prompt to print. Something like, we just have to click a button to print out labels for today's order including return address. the button will prompt the print box and we can choose which printer we want to use and then just print all of the address. Is there any add on tht fulfill this requirement? Hope someone can help .. Thanks in advance
  8. i have figure out the solution .. to change the zone rate, i follow the instruction at zones.php .. after i edit it .. i have to reinstall the zone rates part ..then only it can apply ..
  9. thanks for your reply, the extra zone field is supposed to appear in admin>modules>shipping>zone rates ..is it true? .. i have change the number of zones to 7 and when i go to admin>modules>shipping>zone rates, the part that change is under zone 1 handling fee .. by default it has only one textfield ..after i change to 7 it has 18 textfield under the zone one handling fee .. can you explain why it is so and how i can actually add more zone? Thanks in advance .. :D
  10. I have tried to follow at zones.php instruction. but i still cant add any zone. only the default zone appeared which is Zone 1 Countries US,CA Zone 1 Shipping Table 3:8.50,7:10.50,99:20.00 can anyone explain to me more details ..
  11. does anyone know where i can find the a-z steps on how i can change the shipping rates based on zones that will have different prices?