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  1. fijiislander

    Flash Images

    Is there any native support for .swf or .flv files in osCommerce v3.x? I did not see any obvious support for Flash images in the documentation or file structure.
  2. fijiislander

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    Todd, Additional Images is pretty impressive. I have a couple of questions if you would indulge me: 1) When setting the large image + thumb menu to show on the product_info page, where could I override the pop_up image width and height with a smaller set of values? I assume that the 'mainimage' area is where to do this. I don't want the main image to be so large as the actual pop_up. Any advice on the 'how' of doing this? [My intention is to modify my store to show the thumb menu + main image on the product_info page AND on the pop_up page, but the set on the product_info page would be smaller.] 2) Have you ever attempted to integrate the MagicZoom toolset with Additional Images? I see where they have coding for 'Extra Images', 'Ultra Pics', and 'Paps'. Any pointers? Thanks for your commitment to the group.
  3. fijiislander

    [Contribution] Additional Images Module

    :blink: Surfalot or Kymation I noticed that Kymation has posted "More Pics 2.01" in the "Additional Images" contribution. I believe this is an update to More Pics rather than Additional Images - correct? Question: The package "More Pics 2.01" by Kymation seems to be very similar to "Additional Images v2.1.0" by Surfalot. What are the relavent differences now? The More Pics contribution was not origionally a separate database table. Compliments to both programmers.