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  1. hi, i had someone install the PP payment option on my website, and have found that they didn't do their due diligence by testing both the CC side and the PP express side. I have been receiving the following error and find that something is getting hung in the ups.php file at line 265. has anyone received this error? i called PP and their techies cannot seem to figure it out. any help would be appreciated ! here is the error; Fatal error: Class 'httpClient' not found in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/myshop/includes/modules/shipping/ups.php on line 265 if needed i can post the scripts. (btw: i searched for this error and made it thru 15 pages... then i noticed that there are over 130 pages to this thead) thanks in advance, george
  2. hi, i have version MS-2.2. i've tried searching for the string you supplied, but i can't find it. am i a dutz or in version 2.2 should i be looking for, and replacing 'other' code? thanks for the information.. just to let you know, i have some keywords that are on page one Google. george
  3. george-davis

    [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo

    hello, i have the ultimate seo package installed on my RC2 site.. (I was refered back to this thread after posting in the 'general support' threads) here is the problem, i have several items in one category. and my customers need to click at the bottom of the page to get to page 2, 3 ....... 10. The problem is that when anyone actually clicks on the links to get to page 2, or 3 or whatever, you are returned to page one again. grrrrr....! here is a link to the page i'm working on: http://ronzsmokinwood.com/myshop/smoking-chips-c-39.html after going to this page (at the bottom) will be the numbered links i'm talking about.. if you click on them, you just return to page one. ANY help would be appreciated. regards, george