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  1. Anthony, regarding mails: Good idea to have some kind of history for auctions anyway. There are some contribs about helpdesk & support system. Maybe integrating interfaces to these will safe some effort... With the sent "Email feature" you?re only one way. You splitt the conversation thread into two parts: OSC (outboud) & your favourite email proggie(inbound). As osc is already database driven, I would prefer this platform. So maybe in a first step you can integrate that makes it possible to add the missing information manually. Thers more actions than Email: Notes, phone calls, ... I drive u crazy :D michimaus
  2. hmmm.... why not use (or change) your favorite editing program ? ;) ---------------------------------------- Suche '' in 'D:\PHP\OSCOMMERCE 2.2MS2\CONTRIBUTION_INSTALLED\EBAY AUCTION SALES MANAGER\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.SR1_MS2\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.1\oscommerce_auction_db.sql' : D:\PHP\OSCOMMERCE 2.2MS2\CONTRIBUTION_INSTALLED\EBAY AUCTION SALES MANAGER\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.SR1_MS2\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.1\oscommerce_auction_db.sql(109): INSERT INTO `auction_houses` VALUES (1, 'eBay', 'Visit', ''); D:\PHP\OSCOMMERCE 2.2MS2\CONTRIBUTION_INSTALLED\EBAY AUCTION SALES MANAGER\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.SR1_MS2\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.1\oscommerce_auction_db.sql(290): VALUES ('eBay NPB Alert URL', 'NPB_ALERT_URL', '', 'Enter the Non-Paying Bidder eBay URL', 99, 1, '2003-12-01 13:07:44', '2003-12-01 13:07:44', NULL , NULL); D:\PHP\OSCOMMERCE 2.2MS2\CONTRIBUTION_INSTALLED\EBAY AUCTION SALES MANAGER\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.SR1_MS2\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.1\oscommerce_auction_db.sql(294): VALUES ('eBay Request Final Value Credit URL', 'FINAL_VALUE_CREDIT_URL', '', 'Enter the Final Value Fee eBay URL', 99, 1, '2003-12-01 13:07:44', '2003-12-01 13:07:44', NULL , NULL); Gefunden wurden '' 4 Eintr?ge. ---------------------------------------- Suche '' in 'D:\PHP\OSCOMMERCE 2.2MS2\CONTRIBUTION_INSTALLED\EBAY AUCTION SALES MANAGER\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.SR1_MS2\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.1\oscommerce_auction_db_upgrade_from_1.1_to_1.2.sql' : D:\PHP\OSCOMMERCE 2.2MS2\CONTRIBUTION_INSTALLED\EBAY AUCTION SALES MANAGER\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.SR1_MS2\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.1\oscommerce_auction_db_upgrade_from_1.1_to_1.2.sql(9): UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value = '' WHERE configuration_key = 'NPB_ALERT_URL'; D:\PHP\OSCOMMERCE 2.2MS2\CONTRIBUTION_INSTALLED\EBAY AUCTION SALES MANAGER\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.SR1_MS2\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.1\oscommerce_auction_db_upgrade_from_1.1_to_1.2.sql(10): UPDATE configuration SET configuration_value = '' WHERE configuration_key = 'FINAL_VALUE_CREDIT_URL'; Gefunden wurden '' 2 Eintr?ge. ---------------------------------------- Suche '' in 'D:\PHP\OSCOMMERCE 2.2MS2\CONTRIBUTION_INSTALLED\EBAY AUCTION SALES MANAGER\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.SR1_MS2\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.1\new files - (just copy)\admin\auction_feedback.php' : D:\PHP\OSCOMMERCE 2.2MS2\CONTRIBUTION_INSTALLED\EBAY AUCTION SALES MANAGER\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.SR1_MS2\EBAY_AUCTION_SALES_MANAGER_1.2.1\new files - (just copy)\admin\auction_feedback.php(28): <form action="" method="POST" target="_blank"> Gefunden wurden '' 1 Eintr?ge. Suche beendet, gefunden wurden '' 7 Eintr?ge. Conclusion? You have to edit your auction database tables plus edit auction_feedback.php michimaus
  3. Hey, my chance to help out ;) There?s a small mistake in the install docs. 71) admin/includes/column_left.php (EDIT) Add the following line to the end of the file just before the closing ?> tag require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'gv_admin.php'); // ICW CREDIT CLASS Gift Voucher Addittion if U installed cc&gv as first contrib you will have followed the instructions and copied the files all over. admin/includes/column_left.php has already been changed then. So have a look at this file & you will see there is a double entry require(DIR_WS_BOXES . 'gv_admin.php'); Kill one of them, thats it. michimaus
  4. True. After thinking about it I must say true. [damn!] I will do that alltough I dont think it will be successful - because gift voucher has a long history and this means to change a lot I think. Maybe I can work it out myself as I have to go through the code anyway as there is another problem with the GV regarding... believe or not... TAXES :huh: I just wanted to make it a point that sb. using these two contribs in junction he will run into problems. I think in the meantime I will create 'dummy'-Vouchers not visible to normal customers and after the auction is completed I will send a voucher manually... michimaus Add more contribs - add more concentration ;)
  5. Anthony, I like to inform you about a severe issue in combination with the very popular credit class & gift voucher contrib. The scenario: I like to sell gift vouchers on eBay. With the voucher contrib you install a complex system that allows you to sell vouchers. You add vouchers by adding products to the catalog. Each product has a price like normal products, but in this case the price is also the value of the voucher. People that buy vouchers can then email credit to others (they get a voucher code & the value is beeing added to their account as a credit. Voucher products are identified by their product number starting with "GIFT"... The problem: Customers on eBay will buy gift vouchers at a LOWER price than the gift voucher value (nothing else makes sense, so this is a kind of a discount...) Lets say the eBay customer buys a 25$ voucher for 20$. The auction item has a product mapping to the 25$ voucher. Now, when checking out the customer has to pay only 20$ but should receive a 25$ voucher, right? But this is not. The value of the voucher now is 20$ :-(. I think this will not be easy to work around without heavy changes :-( I mentioned product number "GIFT"... as the identifier for vouchers, so maybe this is a good starting point. michimaus
  6. Anthony, except EAM? Nothing !!! :P my current in use contribution list (most important Filter:ON): current_auction: Great! Makes your current ebay auctions available store inline in your design. Needs a little bit editing but its worth the coolness! Needs some changes for non us users. Credit Class & Gift voucher: Should be the first to install. Send Admin Password: Help with a click! Featured Products: Much better & more flexible than 'New Products' Loginbox w. MyAccount: Add password_forgotten.php & create_account.php is a plus and easy Recently viewed Products Order_Number_Prefix: The better order number! ;-) Payment Type Charge: I use this for cod Discount for Payment Type: I use this for prepaid orders Pickup Shipping Module: For the people around the corner Shop by Price Infobox: Does what it says. Easy plus big value. Shopping Cart Enhancement: Put the cash by your side! With free shipping countdown. Tracking in order history: Hey dude! Where?s the package? Step-by-Step manual order: Could be improved but allthough is a lifesaver. Is a combination of create_admin_account, edit_orders and manual_order. RMA Returns System: Get your products bach - the better way To do List: Add a new feature to the tracking history: show tracking results Store inline (based on current auction, for german dpd shipping carrier) Down for maintenance Enable/disable Categories A must for EAM users... ;) B2B Suite Seems to be better than discount groups... Gift Wrap Live Support Print Package Stickers Wishlist Thats it for the moment... michimaus
  7. @jasonaudio: My friend... you get something wrong. I LOVE THIS CONTRIB - I REALLY DO - BELIEVE ME ;) @anthony: thx :) I try to explain step by step... TAX on shipping charge: I could only speak for the germans (uuuuuhhhh - geeermany)... In germany you have to show prices tax included in your catalog if you sell to consumers (end users, b2c...). If you sell b2b (wholeselling) you need show tax excluded. If you are not (very) small business you have to mention taxes separately on your invoices. Allmost everything has taxes, food 7%, non food 16% and some others like books etc... services have 16% tax. Shipping charges you set in your eBay auctions are always tax included here. the osc internal calculation is based on prices tax excluded & is added in the catalog representation if set tax included in admin. Therefore you run into problems. This time you Add eBay shipping (tax inc.) + osc shipping (tax excl. in the database). ideas: - store eBay shipping as a tax excl. value to the database as items are - Add a tax class field. You do not need to put that into the auction database as it is a global value for all eBay shipping taxes. Maybe 'Myauction' is a good place for that. - Make your upload service compatible with that by adding an admin option that prices from upload are tax included. The upload script can then store tax excluded values to the database. Shipping values can be easily calculated afterwards no matter how... michimaus
  8. Anthony, I believe. Do what I want & I will take my knife out of your neck. :ph34r: A fact is that the values in checkout_shipping.php & checkout_confirmation.php should not be different, right? Jepp. But IMHO this means to make the minority the majority. ;) I know this would be hard to code because it means to code a matrix of rules... hmmm. If U don?t like to implement, I will do it myself for my special needs. Should not be a big thing to code: $oldshipping = $shipping ... your process ... If $shipping > $oldshipping Shipping = $oldshipping or somewhat, hehe... If you like to address people in Europe - allmost E-V-E R-Y-B-O-D-Y! I don?t know how much installations of osc are up here but I?m sure there are a few thousand... Dealing with taxes is a MUST as european governments are very very hungry... :( Tax is & will be a problem in any type of item managed through osc. Have a look how to add a product. You have two fields for the price. One is tax included, one is tax excluded. Additionally there is a tax class dropdown. You enter price tax excluded - price included is calculated. You enter price tax included - price excluded is calculated. BTW: Everybody in Europe will run into problems with the taxes if he/she likes to subscribe to your auction upload service & therefore WILL NOT subscribe... Hmmm... you like to address highrollers here & like to sell a timesaver. Do you really like to make us check every Auction Sale email from eBay if the checkout person in osc is the same as mentioned in eBay? Remember your own words: 'The eBay Auction Sales Manager has been provided for use by high volume eBay PowerSellers and low volume sellers alike. ' If you don?t I will code myself - no problem :blink: Keep your head up, Your contrib is going to be genious... michimaus.
  9. Anthony, just a small hint.... there might be a security issue in the workflow if - for some reason somebody else knows the email address of the auction winner (which is of course not that difficult to get to know, isn?t it?). Then sb else can do the checkout - uhhhh ? What about sending a unique security code to the winners email adress (with the checkout descriptions makes sense) which is checked when logging in through auction_finder.php. Second this should not affect people collecting auctions (they will get 2 Securitycodes). Query should only check if one of the codes given by the user is valid to this email address. Hmmmmm.... think some of the code needed could be grabbed form the gift voucher contrib.... :D michimaus
  10. Anthony, I love this contribution - but - I?m testing version 1.2 and see a small weird issue in the calculation of the shipping cost. My Settings: flat shipping installed but not enabled tabular shipping configuration: 110.99:5.78,100000:0.00 Auction settings: ebay shipping cost for domestic shipping: true price: 12.95 shipping: 2.20 insurance: included calculate insurance per article: false The Problem (when checking out): when adding Products from the catalog to the basket to the auction item, shipping cost says 7.98 in /checkout_shipping.php but 2.20 in checkout_confirmation.php. The value 7.98 results in adding 2.20 + 5.78 of course but does not make sense because shipping should be switched to 5.78 if products beside the auction items are added. Second, I use the "include TAX" configuration of the shop. The shipping values in eBay shipping include Tax already (as it is noticed like that in the auction), the tabular shipping price is the netto value as Tax is calculated during checkout. 7.98 is the addition of a 'brutto' plus a 'netto' value - which is already false, but on top the tax value for the tabular shipping is not recalculated... correct calculation should consider the maximum value of shipping and take this one instead of eBay shipping plus recognize the tax-settings... First of all I think you need a check in the auction items if tax is included or not... michimaus
  11. Arghhh.... after installing the contrib i saw that new customers are members of the default group... Means my 'problem' has been solved out of the box... :rolleyes: michimaus
  12. Anthony, why not to go another way? Mapping of products & auctions is basically a good thing for people selling the same items very often. For all the others ist can be hard to first create items in the catalog then create the auction & then map to the products in the catalog. This eats up much of the time s.b. can save with this great contrib. Is there no way to create items in the catalog for those that are not mapped automatically, maybe in a special [hidden] category? Should be somewhat like easy populate does it... The content of the items in the catalog could be done by default settings (Itemno. , Title...) and could be changed and moved to another category later if needed. IMHO mapping to an EVERYTHING item will make you loose control over your sales and will have bad results to other contribs... remember "bestsellers" ;-) Just ideas.... michimaus
  13. Anthony, got your contrib to run now. Here some expieriences you may consider in future regarding installation other than 'us'. My suggestions target the tables 'auction_status' and 'auction_sale_status'. both tables have the 'language_id' Coloumn set to Value '1' by default. This results running into problems if Languge is not ID 1. Hint for others: You can lookup your Language ID in the Language in the 'Languages' table using phpmyadmin or so. One of the side effects are that the Listing Status combobox in admin/auction_sale_item.php becomes empty. Because of that Item record are made to the database but afterwards they will not be found by the system anymore - which is bad, of course. S.b. can simply work around this by changing the language ID in the mentioned tables to the currently used in languages, but the application will still not run in a multi language administration. Think you should mention this in your installation docs or better change this in in a future release. Why do you make a Database call to read additional 3 lines of information? this could be done in the language files as you must read them anyway... Great job though :rolleyes: michimaus
  14. Anthony, great Stuff! :rolleyes: just like to inform you about a smal issue. Your contrib contains a file called: split_page_results.php As you use a very generic filename here it may conflict to other contribs using similar functions... <_< BTW: IT already does with FAQdesk :ph34r: Would be better to prefix with "auction_" as you do with the other files & rename classes & functions. I know this creates some kind of redundance to osc, but you will feel better - I believe :D Additionally some Idea for future releases: - Editable Dropdown for the positive/neutral/negative Remarks section + randomizer. Type in a Phrase. If its not in the Database - Just ADD. You can re-select in the future. Push the Randomize-Button and you get your remark from the database. OSC loves you, honey! B) Mike
  15. Juanstg, thx for reply. Hmmmmm. But what I want to do is to put Users into a special Group on registration. But you get me to an idea :rolleyes: Should not be so difficult to use similar code the admin uses to add users to groups... Should be able to figure out :ph34r: