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  1. Problem solved. The issue was that, in my integration, I had put this code within another form. Specifically, I had moved it to replace the original Checkout button when Google Checkout was enabled, but that button was within the Update button's form. Since the generated code is itself a form, the new form action was ignored and instead I was just updating the shopping cart. The fix was to move the initial </form> tag directly after the Update button.
  2. Hi, I have installed the Google Checkout module for osCommerce v2.2RC1 (I have v2.2RC2a, but I was able to make changes as necessary). In sandbox mode, the checkout buttons worked at first, but since then I have made some modifications and now when I click the Google Checkout button from the shopping cart, the only response is for the page to be reloaded. The code for the button, generated by GoogleCart->CheckoutButtonCode(), looks correct. I even tried reinstalling the entire module on a backup copy of the site (using the existing database), and the result is the same, which leads me to believe that I have an error with my settings. Can you help me solve this? Here is as much relevant information as I can think to give: From the GoogleCheckout module configuration: Enable GoogleCheckout Module: true Select Mode of Operation: https://sandbox.google.com/checkout/ Production/Sandbox Merchant ID/Key: (checked and are correct) .htaccess Basic Authentication Mode: true (fixed "Failed to Get Basic Authentication Headers;" I ran a provided script to facilitate this, and it seemed to work afterwards) Select Merchant Calculation mode of Operation: http GoogleCheckout Carrier Calculated Shipping: true Carrier Calculater(sp!) Shipping Configuration: (take for granted it is correct) Continue shopping URL: http://(store addr)/gc_return.php From the Google Checkout Sandbox Settings->Integration page: My company will only post digitally signed carts: true API callback URL: http://(store addr)/googlecheckout/responsehandler.php Callback method: XML Advanced settings: all default false values The other changes I made shouldn't affect how that button actually functions. I have checked the error/message logs on my server side as well as the Tools->Integration Console on the Sandbox side, and none of them have any details whatsoever. I appreciate any help you can give! Thanks!!