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  1. Testing on a fresh installed 2.2RC2a. I have created a specification 'Period' (EN), 'Zeit' (DE). This specification has two filters: 1. 'Middle Ages'(EN), 'Mittelalter' (DE), 2. 'Modern' (EN), 'Neuzeit'(DE). The DVD starring Bruce Willis has been given the specification 'Modern'/'Neuzeit'. When browsing the catalog in English, the filter box says there is one DVD which is 'Modern'. When browsing in German, the filter box says no DVD's , zero, greyed out. When I change language_id in products_specifications to 1 (so 'Neuzeit' has 1), it shows up black having 1 DVD. Does the filter box only read language_id=1? But when I change in the table products_specification field specification 'Neuzeit' to 'Modern' (so that I have two language_id's with the same specification value) the filter shows up in German. So is this intended, should the specifications all be the same for it to work? Can I change something so the filter box shows different values for different languages? Thanks, L.
  2. Hello, Thank you very much for this contribution. So far it works fine with pulldown boxes displaying filter options filtering products_specifications.specification. Is that what happens? But, I would like to have a text box filtering a custom field in the products_descriptions table. 1. I have added field `products_keywords` [varchar 255] in the products_description table. Some records have values like 'castles' or 'still lifes'. 2. I have a specification group 'Keywords' and a specification 'Keywords' within. Group Keywords is linked to all categories. 3. `products_column_name` in table `specification` for Keywords is `products_keywords` 4. The settings as they show in de admin Specification Name: Keywords Specification Description: Specification Prefix: Specification Suffix: Sort Order: 5 Justification: Left Column Name: products_keywords Filter Class: partial Display the Filter as: text Filter Show All: False Enter Specification Values as: text Filters on this Specification: 0 5 A text box titled 'Keywords' shows up at my site. If I enter the text 'castle', press enter, I get the following: Running: mysql 5.1.37 ubuntu 9.10 oscommerce RC2.2a with STS4 (no other contribs) I hope anyone can help. I would really appreciate it. Regards, L.
  3. Hello Mike, Thank you for your reply. I was a bit to soon asking for help, sorry. I have installed the module on our live site, and there it works just fine. It is a very nice contribution, thank you! Regards, Linda
  4. Hello Mike, I have installed this contribution today. The search is fast, but when I click on a product, it is not added to the featured table. I am redirected to the old drop-down-list. To install I have copied the modified files over the old ones, and added the new ones. Table modifications by sql. Do you have any ideas? I would love this to work. BTW: I installed the specials contrib. also, and that works fine. Regards, Linda