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  1. alephbooks

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    Testing on a fresh installed 2.2RC2a. I have created a specification 'Period' (EN), 'Zeit' (DE). This specification has two filters: 1. 'Middle Ages'(EN), 'Mittelalter' (DE), 2. 'Modern' (EN), 'Neuzeit'(DE). The DVD starring Bruce Willis has been given the specification 'Modern'/'Neuzeit'. When browsing the catalog in English, the filter box says there is one DVD which is 'Modern'. When browsing in German, the filter box says no DVD's , zero, greyed out. When I change language_id in products_specifications to 1 (so 'Neuzeit' has 1), it shows up black having 1 DVD. Does the filter box only read language_id=1? But when I change in the table products_specification field specification 'Neuzeit' to 'Modern' (so that I have two language_id's with the same specification value) the filter shows up in German. So is this intended, should the specifications all be the same for it to work? Can I change something so the filter box shows different values for different languages? Thanks, L.
  2. alephbooks

    [Contribution] Products Specifications

    Hello, Thank you very much for this contribution. So far it works fine with pulldown boxes displaying filter options filtering products_specifications.specification. Is that what happens? But, I would like to have a text box filtering a custom field in the products_descriptions table. 1. I have added field `products_keywords` [varchar 255] in the products_description table. Some records have values like 'castles' or 'still lifes'. 2. I have a specification group 'Keywords' and a specification 'Keywords' within. Group Keywords is linked to all categories. 3. `products_column_name` in table `specification` for Keywords is `products_keywords` 4. The settings as they show in de admin Specification Name: Keywords Specification Description: Specification Prefix: Specification Suffix: Sort Order: 5 Justification: Left Column Name: products_keywords Filter Class: partial Display the Filter as: text Filter Show All: False Enter Specification Values as: text Filters on this Specification: 0 5 A text box titled 'Keywords' shows up at my site. If I enter the text 'castle', press enter, I get the following: Running: mysql 5.1.37 ubuntu 9.10 oscommerce RC2.2a with STS4 (no other contribs) I hope anyone can help. I would really appreciate it. Regards, L.
  3. alephbooks

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Hello Mike, Thank you for your reply. I was a bit to soon asking for help, sorry. I have installed the module on our live site, and there it works just fine. It is a very nice contribution, thank you! Regards, Linda
  4. alephbooks

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    Hello Mike, I have installed this contribution today. The search is fast, but when I click on a product, it is not added to the featured table. I am redirected to the old drop-down-list. To install I have copied the modified files over the old ones, and added the new ones. Table modifications by sql. Do you have any ideas? I would love this to work. BTW: I installed the specials contrib. also, and that works fine. Regards, Linda