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    Poj, Doesn?t look like 2.2ms2 code, but your mod looks correct? Since it always evaluates to ?true? check around line 72, does it look like? you may need to add ?p.products_quantity? to the query Juxi
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    Center 800px Page Using CSS

    Using a modified version of berkedam's tip... Google Advanced Search... domain search only = webmasterworld.com then enter forum21/3228, forum21/2350, forum21/5870 as seperate searches. Using his/this method I was able to read all the citations.
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    Center 800px Page Using CSS

    Sorry about that. Actually I can't follow the link I supplied either. The site has changed its link policy to encourage people to subscribe. You can find the link I supplied; http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum21/3228.htm by going to www.webmasterworld.com doing a search using Fluid centering with DIV's After reviewing my IE history I found that I also read a good thread at http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum21/2350.htm find it by searching for Exact Center of Page AND, drumroll please, the actual citation is http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum21/5870.htm search for Centering a entire site By the time I got there... the heater/footer thingie, using <div>, not using a table and not using using align:center had all been settled. tedster's message was the missing piece needed and the one that I, belatedly, cite for the "trick" used. If berkedam can give the title of the message he cited, I would like to read that one, too. There you have it... most, but not all, of the journey I took to write those 9 simple lines of code. The journey continues...
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    Center 800px Page Using CSS

    That was one of my resources. :) And I thought it would be the answer to my quest. Until I came across? http://www.webmasterworld.com/forum21/3228.htm So, I decided not to jump on the ?text-align: center;? bandwagon. In hind sight, the only thing I retained from that FAQ was that <div> could be used to wrap a whole page and that the name should be something like "div.main". And, the "trick" that this contribution uses is not found on that page. For the life of me I can't re-find it to point you to it. I think it was in a forum message somewhere. If I come across the source again, I?ll post.
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    Center 800px Page Using CSS

    Good point, that I failed to mention. Let me guess, you visit/subscribe to Sitepoint. They're big on that. Thanks again for your input, both here and in PM. The journey continues...
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    Center 800px Page Using CSS

    The dirty deed is done, http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,1932
  7. JuxiZoza

    Center 800px Page Using CSS

    Not at all. I'm trying to learn this stuff and your comments contributed to this ?grasshopper?s? journey. Following your post, I continued my journey and paged through the developer?s forum. An on-topic message, that escaped my previous searches, popped out at me. In that message, this question was asked? To which they received this reply? I wish I had read that message. It would have saved me some time and effort. I already knew I wanted to use CSS, I suspected (from examining Linda McGrath?s code in ?Center Shop? contribution and Pharkie reinforced) that starting the code in header.php and completing it in footer.php was needed to wrap the entire page, but I didn?t know that <DIV> was the element that I could use. That took additional research, mainly in WDG and W3C docs. That reply also illustrates how a perfectly good answer from one knowledgeable person to another knowledgeable person contains all the information needed to proceed. But, for a newbie??? Can you say, ?blank stare?. Based on AlanR?s and your positive comments I think I?ll contribute it. A little snippet of code doesn?t measure up to a contribution, but that is where a newbie (like me) would go to find a solution to their 800px problem. So, that?s where I?ll put it. Because the code is so simple, maybe Harald Ponce de Leon and the development team will consider throwing it in as a switchable feature in Admin. But, I think I need to change the introduction to something like? ?There ain?t an original thought in this entire contribution. My only defense for submitting it is that you people are filling up the forum with requests for a 800px solution. So, stop already! It?s simple, it works, use at your own risk.? :lol: Thanks for your help, the journey continues.
  8. JuxiZoza

    Center 800px Page Using CSS

    Thanks for your input and I profess that I don?t know enough about the subject to debate the points you made. I went in search of a ?tableless? solution to centering a 800px page, because I didn?t want the problems associated with using tables to center a page. Wasn?t to be found on this site. And, I can?t tell you how many message threads I looked at on webmaster and CSS forums or ?tips & tricks? sites I visited before I found something that was close to what I wanted. I found some code bits, but, mostly concepts. I even ?borrowed? something that Pharkie said in a PM and something my son said, too. Not being a programmer, I kludged together something to work within osCommerce. The very thing that you thought could be improved on is the latest ?cool? bit of code making the rounds in some developer forums. Using ?position: absolute;? with ?left: 50%;? and then setting ?margin-left: -385px;? to move the page a ? screen to the left AND NOT using ?text-align: center;?. Its a deprecated html element and apparently support in CSS is inconsistent between browsers. Remember these guys don?t want problems with their sites and this code will always work. The <DIV> thing? you can argue that one, I guess. Some block element needs to be defined and it seems to work for me and only added one line of code to two files. Figured if anyone had a problem with my suggestion, they wouldn?t have to do much to fix it. ?Physician do no harm.? If any other ?pros? are reading this thread, please jump in any time. I?d like to learn more about this.
  9. This is a contribution that I thought I would submit. Comments would be appreciated. Download here <-- Begin Contribution --> Disclaimer: I make no claim to the CSS trick that this contribution uses to position the page on the screen. I have only adapted a "tableless" CSS solution to sizing and centering a page to osCommerce. This contribution uses CSS, NOT a table, to set the width of the page for 800px screen and center the page on the screen This should work with a broad range of browsers, and be compatible with future web standards, eliminate problems with using tables to center a page, like...conflicts with other contributions, poor page loading performance, having to amend all the files WIKI proposes. Files effected and included, if you want to see changes in place. catalog\stylesheet.css ? ? ? ?(7 lines of code) catalog\include\header.php ? ?(1 line ?of code) catalog\include\footer.php ? ?(1 line ?of code) However ALL changes are in this txt file. ==================================== file = catalog\stylesheet.css line = any place, I put at top of listing (line 12) so I knew where to find it DIV.centerpage { ?width: 770px; ?position: absolute; ?left: 50%; ?top: 0; ?margin-left: -385px; } ==================================== file = catalog\include\header.php line = 55, insert one (1) new line <div class= "centerpage" > just before lines, <table border="0" width="100%" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> <tr class="header"> ==================================== file = catalog\include\footer.php line = 60, insert one (1) new last line in file </div> ====================================