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  1. Absolutely NEVERMIND my previous post. ((FALSE ALARM)) /apologizes
  2. Hi I'm having a problem with the discount voucher. I have: 1. enabled the mod in admin 2. created a coupon Now: I checkout using a coupon code and click the Redeem button, the checkout_confirmation page shows no indication of any discount what-so-ever. Addt'l Notes: - Tried some fake codes and it caught the fake codes, the real code goes through, but does not show in conf. page payment calculations Disclaimer: - I ran a quick search in this thread and couldn't find any reference to my problem - Read through install.html and couldn't find anything that I missed Please help and thank you.
  3. Sysop you might want to check line 13 on that file and see if it's calling for anything
  4. Hmm ok, after going through the code and doing some variations, anyhow it's very weird... but I fixed it just writing my own formula with the existing variables and now it works. Thanks though.
  5. oops, somehow doubleposted
  6. Hello I have just freshly installed Gift Voucher and Coupon add-on to my OSCommerce. I am trying to utilize the coupon feature of the add-on. Installation and everything works great except for 1 problem. The percentage discount for my coupon, calculates based off of the shipping instead of the product price. For example: 1 pair of eyewear is $100 shipping is: $12 I set my coupon discount to 15% and it calculates $1.80 discount (which is 15% off of $12) That happened with the settings at: - Display Total: true - Sort Order: any sort order it seems - Include Shipping: true - Include Tax: true & false - Re-calculate Tax: None - Tax Class: --none-- And it looks something like this: Sub-Total: $100.00 Discount Coupons: -$1.80 Federal Express (Shipping and Handling Total): $12.00 Total: $110.20 Now if I turn off "Include Shipping" (aka. set it to false), because I don't want it to deduct the discount from shipping. Then the next time I test out the coupon, I get this: Sub-Total: $100.00 Federal Express (Shipping and Handling Total): $12.00 Total: $112.00 This seems to me that the coupon is calculating the discount from the shipping instead of the product price. Someone please give me some help as to where/what I can do to fix this. Thank you. EDIT: I tried running a search for anyone else who's had this problem, but after the first 10 pages of results, I just couldn't go on reading. :P So I ended up posting here. Thanks!