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  1. Oh goodness. Thank you so much! I knew it was one of those things that was probably in front of my face and I just didn't see it.
  2. Hi, Thank you for creating this module! I've been using it for a couple months and it's been working great. One thing I can't quite figure out-- Since I've installed the module, the new products on the homepage disappear after a month. Since no new products have been uploaded in the past month, the new products table is empty: http://jenniferdesignsjewelry.com/shop/ I'm not using the new products page and I have my max value of new products set to "3" in the admin. I know that the new products are supposed to just rotate the most recently added products, no matter when they were added, but that's not working for me now. Do I need to set up something on the New Products page, even if I'm not using it? Or is there a setting I need to change? Thanks for your help!
  3. sgoldbaum

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Hi Jan, Sorry to be a bother-- I can see you're in the middle of answering a bunch of other questions. The problem I was having was curl-related. My webhost recompiled curl with ssl and that got everything up and running, but with a dimensions error. Went through to make sure that all the dimensions instructions were followed, but I am getting a mysql error on my shopping cart box and shopping_cart.php page: Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /home/jennbaca/public_html/shop/includes/functions/database.php on line 99 It is referring to this bit of code in database.php: function tep_db_fetch_array($db_query) { return mysql_fetch_array($db_query, MYSQL_ASSOC); I'm not sure how anything in the module would have changed this in any way. I'm thinking my best bet is to revert the shop and database back to before I installed the module and just start a fresh install. Do you know why this error might be coming up? Thanks.
  4. sgoldbaum

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Did both and received the same error in the log, while the page received that function curl(init) error. I could not find curl listed in my server info though, so my webhost may not support it. Looking into this. Just to confirm-- If I am unable to have curl enabled, there are no workarounds? Thanks for your help!
  5. sgoldbaum

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Actually, your intuition was right, Jan-- I missed the modules.php step. My own mistake--sorry about that. I started getting a new error, so I reinstalled the module in case that missed step had threw things off. I am still getting the following error another user had earlier: I've already uncommented the line for the curl error, set up my error logs, and switched the following line from $this->use_exec = '0'; to $this->use_exec = '1'; I'm getting this error in my error log: 2008-12-31 02:21:44 Rates : 2 and this comes up in my upsxml.log: DATE AND TIME: 2008-12-31 02:21:44 UPS URL: https://wwwcie.ups.com:443/ups.app/xml/Rate Sorry, exec() cannot be called Aside from the error, my checkout_shipping.php page does not populate the shipping methods under the UPS listing (the only method I'm offering is UPS Ground) and if I click on "continue" checkout_shipping.php just reloads. I'm new to working with e-commerce scripts, so I'm sorry if my solution is obvious-- bear with me, please :)
  6. sgoldbaum

    New UPS XML Shipping Module available

    Hi, I tried looking to see if anyone else had this problem, but didn't find anything. I followed the installation instructions. Then I went into admin>modules>shipping, installed the module, which appeared to be working fine. When I edited the info (i.e. transaction key, ship settings, etc.) and hit save, I received this error at the top of the Shipping Module page: Warning: constant() [function.constant]: Couldn't find constant UPSXML_Array in /home/jennbaca/public_html/shop/includes/modules/shipping/upsxml.php on line 1017 I didn't make any edits to the file, but I checked to make sure that the constant was there, and it is. Is there something I may have done wrong or didn't do? Thanks.
  7. Hi, I found a fix for this at this post in the forum. It's for the AIM module, but it works for the SIM module as well. Be sure to backup the file just in case. You'll be editing "[store directory name]/includes/modules/payment/authorizenet_cc_sim.php". On line 41, change the url so it matches with the one on line 37. The explanation for why is in the post I linked to. Hope it works for you!
  8. sgoldbaum

    fix for Authorize.net AIM module

    Thank you so much for this fix! I've been having the same trouble with the SIM module as well and this worked perfectly.
  9. Hi, I am getting the same error at the transact.dll page as well: "The following errors have occurred. (13) The merchant login ID or password is invalid or the account is inactive." On the Authorize.net account, the Password-Required Mode is turned on. It says on Authorize that this mode requires the transaction key to process orders rather than not just with the log-in ID. Could this be causing the error? Thanks!
  10. sgoldbaum

    Authorize Net install question

    Hi, I'm pretty new to using osCommerce and Authorize.net. I'm helping a friend of mine set up her jewelry business website. From what I found in the Authorize.net help section: "SIM is an ideal integration solution because merchants are not required to collect, transmit or store sensitive cardholder information to process transactions. Additionally, SIM does not require merchants to purchase and install a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) digital certificate. This removes the complexity of securely handling and storing cardholder information, simplifying compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard." versus AIM: "AIM is an ideal integration solution because it allows merchants the highest degree of customization and control over their customers’ checkout experience. [...] AIM involves the transmission of sensitive cardholder data via the merchant’s Web server. As such, the merchant is required to store cardholder information securely and in accordance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard. For more information about PCI and other industry standard processing practices, please see the Developer Security Best Practices White Paper at http://www.authorize.net/files/developerbestpractices.pdf for more information. If the merchant needs a solution that handles the collection, transmission and storage of cardholder data, they should use the Server Implementation Method (SIM). For more information about SIM, please see the SIM Developer Guide at http://developer.authorize.net/guides/SIM/default.htm." So to sum up, AIM requires you to have an SSL certificate (usually bought through your webhost) to store customer credit card info, but you can completely customize the design of the payment process. With SIM, you don't need an SSL certificate, but you will have to use Authorize.net's payment form. I hope that helps-- Authorize.net's documentation seems a little all over the place.