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  1. anyone?
  2. i found and install "prize draw" addon >> but all of instructions have mistakes, i think all files have been installed and replaced correctly, but as i don;t know anything about sql i've problem with it when i want to login to admin panel i get: 1146 - Table 'catalog.table_admin' doesn't exist select admin_id as login_id, admin_groups_id as login_groups_id, admin_firstname as login_firstname, admin_email_address as login_email_address, admin_password as login_password, admin_modified as login_modified, admin_logdate as login_logdate, admin_lognum as login_lognum from TABLE_ADMIN where admin_email_address = '' before this i used "SQL Scripts", all of them executed right expect one that time i got another error would u help me further plz?
  3. Hi i want to have a periodical (may be one a month) lottery in my shop, some registered users being selected from all and list of their account names in additions to what they've won be shown in a box in main page is there such addon to do that? thx