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  1. I have just visited your site, and I think the layout and design of this is absolutely incredible. Do I really have to wait a few more weeks before I can dive into this? I would love to start integrating my site right away!
  2. ravenwinde

    Advanced Bulk Mailer

    I have installed and used the Advanced Bulk Mailer contribution, and I have read much of the discussion in the forum. Please excuse me if I am asking a question that seems to have been asked before: I have a mailing list of several thousand customers. My website, on a shared server environment, has a limitation of 500 emails an hour. The Advanced Bulk Mailer allows me to break that up but I would 1) like to mail to all customers, not just the newsletter subscribers and 2) find it a pain to have to keep resending the program every hour. I do like that the contribution works from the admin. I have also used external mail programs, such as DadaMail and a couple of commercial programs. They work, but found that the issues around API setups and maintaining separate databases for customers and newsletters were real disadvantages. Has anyone come up with an alternative?