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  1. carricksupplies


    Could anyone tell me what contribution i should use for UPS Shipping in the UK using oscommerce v2.2 rc2a
  2. carricksupplies

    Free shipping on item, not entire basket

    I probably should have said this beforehand. I'm not a coder, so I wouldnt be able to code from scratch. If anybody can help with that that would be great. Thanks, Martyn
  3. Hi, I am looking for a way to specify an item to get free shipping. What i want is: Product A - Free Shipping Product B - Standard Shipping If a customer buy's Product A only, they get free shipping but still see the shipping page at checkout If a customer buy's Product B onlu, they pay standard shipping If a customer buy's both A and B, they only pay for standard shipping for product B The reason for this is, Product A isnt an actual physical product, but a virtual one. I dont want to use oscommerce's download feature because it isnt actually a download. If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be greatly appreciated. Martyn Breckenridge Carrick Supplies Carrick Stationery Supplies
  4. carricksupplies

    Credit Account with your Store Support

    Does anyone know if there is a way to check the credit rating of a person applying for a credit account, I know big companies do it, but can small companies do it as well?
  5. carricksupplies

    Auto Thunbnailer Style Problem

    Hi, I'm currently developing the site http://www.carrickstationerysupplies.co.uk/new_site2/ and have recently installed the autothumb contribution. Since doing that, the page takes to longer to render, specifically the black background, which makes the site look slow. Does anyone know a way round this (to get the black background, which is just a line of code in the stylesheet pointing to maintablebg.jpg, to render before doing the thumbnail part?) Thanks, Martyn P.S. What do you think of the site so far?
  6. carricksupplies

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Thanks, that fixed it :)
  7. carricksupplies

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, does anyone know hot to get this contribution working with the UHTML Email Contribution. I'm sure its a simple think, but im a n00b
  8. carricksupplies

    [contribution] Tracking Module

    Hi, I have the tracking module installed on my site with the Royal Mail (1.4) module installed. Everything is fine apart from i want to change the description, for example, RM 2nd class currently shows as: "Royal Mail 2nd Class (Non-Urgent Low Value Orders)", I would like to change this to just "Royal Mail Second Class" as the long description plays havoc with another contribution i have installed. Any advice would be greatly appreciated Thanks, Martyn
  9. I would like to be the first to thank chris23 for his work on the excellent (probably the best) contribution to oscommerce, the Tracking Module!!!

  10. carricksupplies

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Just to update i found out how to do my above request. I changed the value of: $this->Cell(125); I have another question, on my pdf it shows http://www.carrickstationerysupplies.co.uk as the web address. Is there any way to have just www.carrickstationerysupplies.co.uk instead? Martyn
  11. carricksupplies

    [CONTRIBUTION] PDF Customer Invoice

    Hi, I'm trying to find a way to move the Company Name and Company Address so that they are not at the right edge of the screen. I have tried the previous fixes listed but they havent worked at all. Any ideas? BTW, this is the bit in question on my pdfinvoice.php: // Company name $this->SetX(0); $this->SetY(12); $this->SetFont(PDF_INV_CORE_FONT, 'B', 12); $this->SetTextColor($highlight_color[0], $highlight_color[1], $highlight_color[2]); $this->Ln(0); $this->Cell(150); $this->MultiCell(100, 3.5, tep_html_entity_decode(STORE_NAME), 0, 'L'); // Company Address $this->SetX(0); $this->SetY(16); $this->SetFont(PDF_INV_CORE_FONT, 'B', 10); $this->SetTextColor($highlight_color[0], $highlight_color[1], $highlight_color[2]); $this->Ln(0); $this->Cell(150); $this->MultiCell(100, 3.5, tep_html_entity_decode(STORE_NAME_ADDRESS), 0, 'L');