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  1. princebaskar

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack: There is any possibility to make the code changes manually from Version 1 to 1.1, without uninstall and reinstall the new version? I made the two proposed code change for the previous feedbacks in a heavy modified site (that I do not have the expertise yet to manage!). I need the not documented change (the third one): - Fixed code in sitemap_seo_page_control.php so the checkboxes are updated correctly. Thanks!
  2. princebaskar

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack, Thanks for the quick reply. Regarding the new version
  3. princebaskar

    Sitemap SEO

    Hi Jack: This is a wonderfull contribution. I've it installed and seems to work fine with the corrections made in the code for the previous feedbacks. However I say "seems" because I'm a newbie and do not know if the categories box can be controlled in the Sitemap SEO admin panel or If i made a mistake in the configuration or installation that do not let me select in the "Boxes Group Control" any other box than the defined in "information.php". What may be wrong?