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  1. WP-osCommerce allows you to integrate osCommerce into an existing Wordpress website. No need to change the look and feel of your WordPress website. WP.osC integrates transparently into the existing WordPress website and matches your WordPress theme exactly. In other words, the main aim of WP-osCommerce (WP.osC) project is to allow osCommerce to use the WordPress Theme system. The first release candidate of WP-osCommerce is planned for January 2009. More about this project : WP-osCommerce.com
  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but just put yourself in the place of a webdesigner (and not an expert on PHP) and you will see that the template system of osC v3 seems to be too complicated.
  3. yes. To request a theme you can add a new topic in "Requests & Feedback" Forum (WP.osC Forum)
  4. Hi klaconcepcion, You can have one or two databases. WP.osC uses a template system , all template files are located in "themes" directory. According to your theme you may have one or several columns (sidebar.php, ...) . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roya
  5. please verify that db host, db user, db password and db name are set with the correct values (as described here : wposc.com/articles_info.php?cPath=83&articles_id=56)
  6. Hi klaconcepcion, You have 2 ways to use WP.osC : 1) in association with a wordpress blog (symbiosis mode) : in this case every time you change your WP theme, your WP.osC theme is automatically updated. 2) without wordpress (standalone mode) in this case you need to activate a theme by editing include/wposc-configure.php and changing : define('ACTIVE_THEME', 'default'); in both cases you need to adapt a theme to WP.osC before using it. (contact me via WP.osC site if you have really problems with this) Docs: WP.osC > How to > Switch to Standalone Mode WP.osC > How to > Switch to Symbiosis Mode
  7. Hi sndeco, As described in " Theme Development" section you need to adapt your wordpress theme to WP.osC, using a set of functions. You may need to read the followings docs: - Theme Development - Function Reference Hi tjoppru, - you have a set of functions in includes/functions/wp_database.php allowing you to access WP database. - you can exclude languages and currency in sidebar (or everywhere you want). Example : osc_list_user_pages ('title_li=<h2>'._c(STORE_NAME).'</h2>&exclude=5,6'); will exclude languages and currency.
  8. sorry for my last post. Just in a bad mood because the store owner email address is displayed in a rss field. zeeeen :) sorry again.
  9. Hi IT-commerce, I would like to know what is EXACTLY the interest of this line of code in your rss.php file: <webMaster><?php echo $email_address . ' (' .STORE_OWNER.')'; ?></webMaster> (except for you, of course)
  10. If you have already installed oscommerce (original version) and wordpress you can also use a wordpress plugin (developped by me) to display on your WordPress blog's post/page/widget: - New products - Random products - Top 10 Best Sellers
  11. Hi Roxana :) Thanks. Please excuse my very delayed response. I didn't see your message until just now. You can use all payment modules with WP.osC . For other contributions you will need to make some changes. (very easy if you are familiar with PHP and osCommerce).
  12. roya.k

    Job Title field in account

    Replace $job_title_array[] = array('id' => $job_title_values['job_title_id'], 'text' => $job_title_values['job_title_name']); With: $job_title_array[] = array('id' => $job_title_values['job_title_name'], 'text' => $job_title_values['job_title_name']);
  13. roya.k

    How to add a Link within a image/graphic?

    How to create Hotspots with GIMP www.ceap.wcu.edu/Houghton/mm/Ch2/GIMP/GIMP-hotspots.htm
  14. roya.k

    How to add a Link within a image/graphic?

    You can use GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Program).
  15. WP.osC is now available for download.
  16. Thanks ... sorry but you’ll have to wait until next week. I work actually on "admin panel", so each category or subcategory will contain several products and/or several articles.