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  1. Correct me if I'm wrong but just put yourself in the place of a webdesigner (and not an expert on PHP) and you will see that the template system of osC v3 seems to be too complicated.
  2. yes. To request a theme you can add a new topic in "Requests & Feedback" Forum (WP.osC Forum)
  3. Hi klaconcepcion, You can have one or two databases. WP.osC uses a template system , all template files are located in "themes" directory. According to your theme you may have one or several columns (sidebar.php, ...) . http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roya
  4. please verify that db host, db user, db password and db name are set with the correct values (as described here : wposc.com/articles_info.php?cPath=83&articles_id=56)
  5. Hi klaconcepcion, You have 2 ways to use WP.osC : 1) in association with a wordpress blog (symbiosis mode) : in this case every time you change your WP theme, your WP.osC theme is automatically updated. 2) without wordpress (standalone mode) in this case you need to activate a theme by editing include/wposc-configure.php and changing : define('ACTIVE_THEME', 'default'); in both cases you need to adapt a theme to WP.osC before using it. (contact me via WP.osC site if you have really problems with this) Docs: WP.osC > How to > Switch to Standalone Mode WP.osC > How to > Switch to Symbiosis Mode
  6. Hi sndeco, As described in " Theme Development" section you need to adapt your wordpress theme to WP.osC, using a set of functions. You may need to read the followings docs: - Theme Development - Function Reference Hi tjoppru, - you have a set of functions in includes/functions/wp_database.php allowing you to access WP database. - you can exclude languages and currency in sidebar (or everywhere you want). Example : osc_list_user_pages ('title_li=<h2>'._c(STORE_NAME).'</h2>&exclude=5,6'); will exclude languages and currency.
  7. sorry for my last post. Just in a bad mood because the store owner email address is displayed in a rss field. zeeeen :) sorry again.
  8. Hi IT-commerce, I would like to know what is EXACTLY the interest of this line of code in your rss.php file: <webMaster><?php echo $email_address . ' (' .STORE_OWNER.')'; ?></webMaster> (except for you, of course)
  9. If you have already installed oscommerce (original version) and wordpress you can also use a wordpress plugin (developped by me) to display on your WordPress blog's post/page/widget: - New products - Random products - Top 10 Best Sellers
  10. Hi Roxana :) Thanks. Please excuse my very delayed response. I didn't see your message until just now. You can use all payment modules with WP.osC . For other contributions you will need to make some changes. (very easy if you are familiar with PHP and osCommerce).
  11. roya.k

    Job Title field in account

    Replace $job_title_array[] = array('id' => $job_title_values['job_title_id'], 'text' => $job_title_values['job_title_name']); With: $job_title_array[] = array('id' => $job_title_values['job_title_name'], 'text' => $job_title_values['job_title_name']);
  12. roya.k

    How to add a Link within a image/graphic?

    How to create Hotspots with GIMP www.ceap.wcu.edu/Houghton/mm/Ch2/GIMP/GIMP-hotspots.htm
  13. roya.k

    How to add a Link within a image/graphic?

    You can use GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Program).
  14. WP.osC is now available for download.
  15. Thanks ... sorry but you’ll have to wait until next week. I work actually on "admin panel", so each category or subcategory will contain several products and/or several articles.