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  1. Hi, great contribution, but one question though: Is it possible to remove the "P" and "C" with numbers from the URL, or does this has to do with possible duplicates? Thanks! Jacco
  2. Hi, to start: Thank you very much for this contribution, works like a charm and easy to install! I would like to know if it is possible to open the related products in a new screen, (_blank), rather than loading it into the same screen. I would like this to happen when you click the image/text link, as well as the "Buy now" button. I tried first myself, but couldn't find which file triggers this reactie. Could you help? Also (and this is more for a future version), is it possible that when someone clicks "Buy now" in the related products box, that articles is put in the shopping cart right away, without leaving the "parent" page (so you won't go to your shopping cart). Or is this already supposed to happen, and did I not configure it right ;-)? Thanks!