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  1. Hey guys, i have exactly the same problem! But it includes a second problem in my case: the product-detail page cannot be opened! I have no clue what to do to fix that?! When you hover over the links they show up perfectly in the statusbar. But once you click on the link it says "?cPath=21" in the browserline. Greez from Germany, Tobi
  2. Hey lildog, thanks a lot for your great support for the more-pics-contribution. i have a fairly new version of osc installed and was happy to find the more-pics-contrib. after installing the latest 'full package' and applying all the latest changes i have a problem. but i am not sure if this a problem of my osc version!? when editing a product i do not have a preview button at the end but only a save button. thus no subimages are uploaded. when i change the code of the categories.php to link to the preview everything works fine with der more-pics. unfortunately then another contrib for "multiple categories" does not work now :-/ how can i include the upload of the subimages into the 'update_product'-process? (without the preview) does anyone else have this problem. i search for hours in google and the forums but without success. great thx in advance! best wishes from germany, tobi