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  1. hi everyone, There's no description of the size or color of the product customer ordered from my site shown in my 2checkout or the email notification sent to me. For now the only way is to communiate with my customers one by one to find out what size and color they've ordered from my site. This is very time consuming and unprofessional. Please everyone help if you know how to solve this problem. Thanks!! chelsea
  2. qiaqiaqia

    How to do checkout without filling out info? help pls!

    I want the checkout to go directly to paypal so that people who have paypal accounts don't have to enter their address with my site and those that don't sign up with paypal. I don't want to collect any customer info on my site and then make them reenter it again on paypal.
  3. I'm only using paypal as payment method now. There're three options on the checkout page. 1. go straight to checkout process 2. new customer signing up filling out info.. 3. returned customer signing in But right now, after clicking the option 1. it takes you to the same place as the option 2. which is the page you fill out your personal information, instead of taking you to paypal directly. Please help if you know how to solve this problem. Thanks for your time! <3