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  1. xavierx

    All Payments Processed Offline

    I´m not sure Worldpay but Paypal needs a Bank Account in USA. The idea is make the online payments (in a future) with the local CC processors.
  2. xavierx

    All Payments Processed Offline

    I understand your point of view but, i need for a little time to try with the offline payment, is importan to know the sucess (or not) and the posibility to put a real online payment because the commerce is a Gym, isn´t a common the online payment in a Gym. In my country Uruguay we dont have a "normal" TPV Service, for example: if you wanna process a Visa Card do you need to go to Visa Uruguay and apply for online payment. If you need process a Mastercard you need to go to Mastercard and apply for online payment, is a disaster and very expensive. Only Visa cost at year is 350 USD, more Master, more some local credit cards... then the process is very expensive. Is for that reason the importance to try first with the offline payment.. Thanks
  3. xavierx

    All Payments Processed Offline

    Somebody...!? :(
  4. xavierx

    All Payments Processed Offline

    Hi guys. I have a problem with the standard credit card module for offline payments. I need add diferent kinds of CC (for example Visa, Master and some local CC) My actual cc form has: Credit Card Owner: Credit Card Number: CVV Number (More Info) Credit Card Expiry Date: But i dont have Credit Card Type: Somebody know how to fix my problem?