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  1. Ah thank you thank you must have over looked your recommendation in the last post. All working now.
  2. Awesome thanks that seemed to have fix this issue but now the menu items look like this http://iforce.co.nz/i/i10xiz3p.exa.jpg Something seems to be adding a fixed height of 284px to the elements
  3. Hi, Thank you for a great addon. I have one issues with it though. It seems to be affecting my CKEditor with this addon http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8490/v,23 The CKEditor on the product edit page works without an issue. Here is a picture of what it should look like but a few seconds after loading the page it flicks to this After playing around a bit the problem seems to be the file ext/jquery/ui/jquery-ui-1.10.4.custom.min.js but im not sure how to fix it. Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  4. @@IWAS in the file catalog/smartsuggest.php I did the following: Find the first two $suggest_query queries and add the following before pd.products_name as result p.products_image as image, then find $display_name = htmlentities($suggest['result']); add below $display_image = htmlentities($suggest['image']); and change echo $display_name . "\n"; to //echo $display_name . "\n"; echo "<img src=\"" . DIR_WS_IMAGES ."". $display_image ."\" height=\"64px\" /> ".$display_name . "\n";
  5. Hi all, Firstly thank you got the great addon. To those of you not getting the search box up I found out that the js file is not actually being called. So you need to add the following to your template file where your other js files are called. <script src="ext/javascript/smartsuggest.js"></script> #change the path if you put it else where Also if you have an modified template you may need to edit the css for the suggestion box.
  6. great idea with this contrib. Has anyone got this going with Seperate Pricing Per Customer? This contrib works fine when the customer isnt logged in but when they are the price doesn't change from ex tax.
  7. glycerine

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Thanks for the reply. What i meant was when a customer selected all there products then clicked add to cart it would put the products as there osc product not a custom product. so instead 1 product it had 5 (cpu, mb, ram, hhd, case). But i managed to makemy own custom pc builder. I will post it once its operational. While im here it seems you know your way around osc carbon (cool handle btw :D) how would one set up the shopping cart so that it would allow products with a negative quantity so also returning a negative price. Reason being is that i have a base system with case, psu, mb, 1gb ram, keyboard and mouse. So if a user selected a psu upgrade it would in the shopping cart display the default psu as a negative quantity and price and have the upgrade as a normal product. I can do the coding for that jsut need to know where in the shopping cart the code is for it to not remove the product if it has a negative quanity. I hope i make sense.
  8. glycerine

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Hey guys great mod. Just wondering what other people have done with this mod to make it suit there needs. Im wanting to use this mod but change a few things one thing is send the items as there own product to the shopping cart not as a bundled product. Just wondering if anyone has had any luck with doing that?
  9. glycerine

    Custom Product Builder

    I am also having the same problem needing to go into phpmyadmin to create and edit categories. Also is it possible to set up a default product for each category has anyone thought of looking into this?
  10. glycerine

    Pricing Rule add on

    Ive had a look across the forums and couldnt find anything even google. So what im after is a addon that will set the pricing for all products due to the category they are in so cat1 will add 20% to price cat1 will add 5% and so forth. Just wondering if there is a addon out there that will do something similar?
  11. UPDATE!!!: mainly for 'geoffreywalton' currently create all the mysql queries require to import products, categories and manufacturers now. Now to insert it all inot php. Its going to be no where near as functional as EP but will do what i need it to do for my needs, it has helped me learn PHP/mysql really quickly and understand alot of the functions. Will keep you update for your sweepstake geoffreywalton. :D
  12. Yeah i did originally reformat my suppliers feed to suit EP but after running macros for over 35,000 products (in just one of the many different feeds) we came to the conclusion to create a different populate tool for each individual feed. As we have the site on a linux box we dont want a separate windows box sitting there being wasted by doing excel/vba macros all day. We decided that that would not be feasible. :) Thanks. Another question, I'm quite stuck on the categories creation part if anyone could explain to me the process that they are create for example: what order the data is import into the db via the tables. (does it import the data into the tbl.categories the sends the appropriate data to tbl.categories_description then tbl.products_to_categories.) I realise this is alot to ask and much help is appreciated as i am still learning about php. After creating a cms from knowing no php at all, learning all this will help me alot and maybe return the favour to the community. :) Thanks Craig
  13. I probably shouldn't post this in here but since that surfalot knows alot about this maybe you could help. Ive decided to make my own populate tool due to the fact that i receive many feeds from many suppliers and they are all different. If you could help that would be great i basically would like to know which file in osc creates the categories as i am stuck on the creation of the categories_description.categories_id as it is not auto increment and how to link to the categories table. Or if this code is in the EP tool that i could look at and get a general idea of how to implement it for myself. Thanks Craig
  14. Still enjoying this add-on. But need some help, ive had a quick look to see if anyone has asked about changing the sequence of the header. Ive decided to have multiple copies of EP running on my site for the multiple csv files i get from my different suppliers as the formats are all different. So if anyone has any ideas a way of going about this, it would be greatly appreciated. Ive tried to use excel and set up afew macros to add and rearrange the required feilds but with csv's with ouver 35,000 products it tends to take a while. Also is there a way to not use the EOREOR as i do not want to have to edit the csv's from my suppliers. Thanks Craig.
  15. Thanks surfalot. Got it all working :D