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  1. Yes, you can do it. Off the top of my head I'd suggest duplicating the categories box under a different name. Call the new box in column_left.php and modify the SQL query in each box to pull the categories by hardcoded category_id. That 'should' work.
  2. Colin

    [CONTRIBUTION] Dropdownmenu

    This mod doesn't show sub-subcategories! I'm confused. Why could this be? Thanks, Colin
  3. Colin

    Bullet in Dhtml Menu Bar

    You need to edit /includes/coolmenu.php and change the values: //Menu properties oCMenu.pxBetween=0 oCMenu.fromLeft=150 oCMenu.fromTop=145 oCMenu.rows=1 oCMenu.menuPlacement="center" to something like: //Menu properties oCMenu.pxBetween=0 oCMenu.fromLeft=0 oCMenu.fromTop=0 oCMenu.rows=1 oCMenu.menuPlacement="top" The updated code will put the menu at the top left of your page. Incorporate the menu anywhere you want using the pixelated offsets. Later, colin
  4. Colin

    Master Products - MS2

    whats the package constribution that you are using please !? greetz john ok, you have done it yourself.... would be nice if you post the solution! thanx I rewrote the Master Products contribution, as well as rewrote the admin panel. It was a lot of work ;) sammydeek, Your page appears to be blank.. heh..
  5. Colin

    Master Products - MS2

    I'd also like to add that I solved the packages problem. You can view the solved issue at: http://www.autogoodies.com/product_info.ph...&products_id=29 Take care, Colin
  6. Colin

    Master Products - MS2

    Sammydeek, You have a broken table.
  7. Colin

    Ack Help Please!

    that entry is in /includes/database_tables.php you should have the following line.. define('TABLE_ADDRESS_BOOK', 'address_book');
  8. Colin

    Master Products - MS2

    Great mod.. I've been able to do some great things so far with it :) Here's a screenshot of some of my modifications.. I've run into a snag, though. Each of those little products is a link. For example, "225/35/19 Toyo FZ4 $1899 shipped" is a link. I want that to be a product so that I can add the product to my cart directly. Currently, I've tried to set the link with the price (it works that way, but only if one package is added). Basically, I need to link slaves to slaves.. I have already added a new link to categories.php named "Add a Package Item". How can I link the package item to a slave product? Essentially, I need to be able to add a slave to a master and a slave to a slave :wacko: Any ideas would be great! Thanks, Colin
  9. Colin

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I'm wondering if there's any future plan for a Create Order button. I am using the Manual Entry Module v06 but it doesn't allow me to enter manually my labor charge. I like how I can edit an existing order with this script and then add my labor charge manually. If I could CREATE an order, that would be perfect! Thanks, Colin
  10. Colin

    Master Products - MS2

    hey ryanf, I'm not having any problems (thank God). The contribution works exactly as prescribed :) What I'm trying to do, though, is figure out a way to allow different master_listing files for different categories. I run an auto parts business and need to have different fields for wheels and brakes. I have like no idea how to do that, lol. At first I thought maybe if the cpath variable was passed to product_info.php. That wouldn't work, though. I am using BTS so I also tried changing the header images to point to different versions of product_info.php so I could then call a different master products. That didn't work. I'm thinking maybe that I need to add some code that will check what category the product resides in. The code would have to be 'in' product_info.php. Once the category is known, I can then do an if/then/else statement and choose the master products module for that certain category. I'd just hardcode the categories as they don't change much. Any idea how I'd find out how to get the cpath from the product_id on the product_info page? thanks, Colin
  11. Colin

    Master Products - MS2

    Yes... you have to change the SQL query to check for master_status. That fix is displayed back in the first twenty pages or so.4
  12. Colin

    Master Products - MS2

    netgene, I just looked over your site. It's coming out nicely. congrats..
  13. Colin

    Master Products - MS2

    Contact Johnson regarding that. Since Master Products is his baby, he should get first crack at making some cash :)
  14. Colin

    Master Products - MS2

    I have a question about how to do something. I need multiple master products modules running on my system. How would I modify the master_listing.php file to check which category the product is in (ie. Wheels which is 12, Suspension which is 14, etc). The reason I need to do this is the fields for the Wheels show up correctly only in the wheels category. In the Brakes category the fields for the wheels show up. :lol: Obviously, that's not right :) Once it knows the category (say 12) it would display one version of master_listing.php and if the category is 14, it would display another. I know that's not the 'best' solution, but a complete rewrite of the master products contribution is totally out of my league. Is this possible? Thanks in advance, Colin