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    dinera reacted to Tsimi in [Contribution] Option Types v2   
    This is one of the Addons that is very challenging to install and that only because there is no clear and good install instructions for 2.3.4. Many have tried to install this and have failed and eventually given up or hired someone to fix it.
    Sadly there was not one person that got it running and shared an install manual or any kind of .zip package till today except for jolie1811 which unfortunately past away. (R.I.P. John :( ).
    He mentioned in post #932 that he has a package ready and would share it if you PM him. I was going through my older USB sticks and I found that package! Before John past away he tried to get it to work and was fine tuning it for some customers website. Burt, me and few others I think helped him bug hunting and getting the final pieces together.
    This is a very difficult to install Addon and not recommended for beginners. It also requires you to change a lot core code which is something osC is trying to get away from but to change the options function core code must be amended. (here again, if YOU know a better way...please share.)
    The past few days I was installing and testing his package with osC 2.3.4 and I think I got everything ready now. I updated the install manual and added Raiwas File Upload fix.
    I think John would have wanted this to be shared. Unfortunately I cannot upload it here because of the 300KB file limit so if anyone wants this PM me. If my PM box should be full and you can't reach me just post here in this thread.
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    dinera reacted to auzStar in [Addon] Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search for osC 2.3.4 (BS and nonBS)   
    @@John W
    Thanks for the feedback guys.
    I've discovered there is a problem when there is no left or right columns (boxes). My original testing was done with columns on both sides.
    What happens is that when a "product preview" is displayed all other content between header and footer disappers, but re-appears when you close the "product preview".
    I found a solution and I'm just testing it now. Will post an update soon.
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    dinera reacted to auzStar in [Addon] Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search for osC 2.3.4 (BS and nonBS)   
    Support Thread for Twitter Typeahead Autocomplete Search for osCommerce 2.3.4 (bootstrap and non-bootstrap)
    Report problems here.
    Feedback and comments appreciated.
    Download link:
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    dinera reacted to marcello in Featured Products BS   
    @Tsimi I created a content module for the index page.  I'll upload once I finish cleaning up. 
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    dinera reacted to kymation in [Addon} Modular Front Page   
    No, the modules were written for stock osCommerce and are not Bootstrap compatible. Should not be too hard to rewrite them if you want to try.
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    dinera reacted to madbusu in Header Footer Content Modules for V2.3   
    I fix it after i calm down a bit
    when i open hfc_information.php big surprise the all code waz mess up ...i don't know why this happen, i will upload a ss

    i copy the original content over the code and i fix the problem , but i don't know why this happen....till now all works fine !
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    dinera reacted to burt in What YOU can do to help with development of 2.4   
    It does not matter how technically proficient you are, you can help to speed up development of v2.4 osCommerce.
    1. Download and install v2.3.3 => http://www.oscommerce.com/solutions/downloads
    2. Play with it as much as you can. If you come across something that you think is a bug or inconsistency, post to the bug tracker => http://forums.oscommerce.com/tracker/project-1-oscommerce-online-merchant-v2x/
    Someone will respond to your bug to let you know if it is a bug, and provide a fix.
    Fixes for confirmed bugs will be rolled into 2.4
    Let's get this community rolling! Do YOUR part to help bring osCommerce back the success it deserves.
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    dinera reacted to burt in What YOU can do to help with development of 2.4   
    And, if you can't help with the codebase, you can certainly help by purchasing a subscription.
    Subscribers get some quite nice benefits, with some more benefits being planned.
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    dinera reacted to joli1811 in [Addon] Categories Accordion Box for 2.3.1   
    Hi Dinesh,
    yes working on 2.3x relatively easy install most of the work is in the admin/categories.php
    As always backup your site and database before any changes.
    I have upoaded a bm_categories_accordion.php but would suggest you compare with yours and use a compare tool like winmerge to see the changes
    he is just adding a and c.categories_status = 1 in x 2 places about line 150 and line 200
    Better to compare with your bm_categories_accordion.php and merge as I believe Jim as updated the contribution several times since I installed
    The rest is pretty straight forward