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  1. Facebook for Products is a good idea . Trying to run marketing campaign using it
  2. Hi @@John W Thanks for your review and suggestions .
  3. Hi all, Im looking for reviews and feedback for site lakwimana DOT com site is loaded with some awesome FREE add-ones from experts osCommerce contributors . Designed using - OSCommerce BS - Modeler front page i would like to highlight and get reviews for the sub category page view with other category images on top of it . hope to get your suggestions for effectiveness on that page preview . Fab button still under construction and trying to change the button base on device and page . Thanks in Advance Eranga
  4. Hi , Can we use this addon on bootstrap version of oscommerce ?
  5. just now uploaded "Banner Cycle HFC module 1.0 " for when im tring to install it Fatal error: Cannot redeclare do_magic_quotes_gpc() (previously declared in /home/lakwiman/public_html/admin/includes/functions/compatibility.php:18) in /home/lakwiman/public_html/admin/includes/functions/compatibility.php on line 30
  6. @@joli1811 Many Thanks , Im going to Install and test it on my site .
  7. @@joli1811 Thanks for reply , Is this working with 2.3 X ?
  8. I have installed the Categories Accordion Box, and Theme Switcher , Both works together , Is it Possible to hide specific category name from Category box with using above add-one ? Thanks ,
  9. Thanks for Reply , Found only the addone for Specials Products and i have made the reply here also . Help me to find any other addone for fulfill my requirement ,
  10. Is there any possible way to add small icon to product image for preview product status like , free Delivery product , Next day delivery product X-mas Special Product ect .. as assigning status via admin edit product Thanks
  11. Hi All, Is There any addone for add small icon to product images if Product is eligible for free shipping , May be setting the free shipping icon option, when creating or updating the product . Thanks in Advance .
  12. Create some Special products from your admin admin-> catalog->special-> otherwise no data for special sitemap
  13. Do you have any special products in your site. I think its need for Specials Sitemap Generation
  14. This is what i get with ERROR: Google Product Sitemap Generation FAILED! ERROR: Google Category Sitemap Generation FAILED! ERROR: Google Manufacturer Sitemap Generation FAILED! ERROR: Google Specials Sitemap Generation FAILED! ERROR: Google Sitemap Index Generation FAILED! Array ( [QUERY] => Array ( [PRODUCTS] => Array ( [STATUS] => success [NUM_ROWS] => 366 ) [CATEOGRY] => Array ( [STATUS] => success [NUM_ROWS] => 58 ) [MANUFACTURERS] => Array ( [STATUS] => success [NUM_ROWS] => 11 ) [SPECIALS] => Array ( [STATUS] => success [NUM_ROWS] => 1 ) ) [SAVE_FILE_XML] => Array ( [0] => Array ( [file] => /sitemapproducts.xml [status] => failure [file_exists] => false ) [1] => Array ( [file] => /sitemapcategories.xml [status] => failure [file_exists] => false ) [2] => Array ( [file] => /sitemapmanufacturers.xml [status] => failure [file_exists] => false ) [3] => Array ( [file] => /sitemapindex.xml [status] => failure [file_exists] => false ) ) )
  15. i have same problem.we are using new version in do we have to install 2co module contribution?if we donot install it what is the correct redirect url that we have to use.