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  1. Hi, I'm using several flat rates modules for the shipping. Each one is for different zone - for example one for US, one for Canada, one for europe. There is no shipping module installed for all zones/countries. This way "Shipping Method" section is missing on checkout.php page. Is there a solution for this ? If I enable one of the flat rate modules for all the countries then everything is fine. But It's stupid to have for example international shipping option available in case the selected shipp to country is US.
  2. Hi there, I'm trying to combine sid killer and ultimate seo urls. Since there are modifications to html_output.php(in the instructions) whitch lines are previously modified by ult seo urls do I need to skip(discard) these changes and just to make the described changes to the seoclass file and buynow forms? And also does anybody know problems with other contributions since I have realy a lot installed already ?
  3. venz

    Article Manager v1.0

    Hi everybody, I installed ver. 1.57_1 and everything works fine except one thing. when i'm creating the first topic in the admin by default shows nema for it 'Miscellaneous Articles'. i'm creating it with this name and then if i delete this topic it corrupts the database and if i try to reload any of the store pages it just shows the blank(white) page. if anyone can help i'll be very thankfull.
  4. ok...everything seems to be installed correct. and now i noticed 404 works fine with firefox and doesn't work with ie7
  5. and one more problem...just noticed the 404 header doesn't work for me. if i change the url to http://mysite.com//my-great-product-c-99999.html it just goest to "The webpage cannot be found" and not the 404 header from the contribution. any ideas?? thank you best, venz
  6. hi everybody, i have the same problem like Glcustoms i have installed Ultimate_SEO_URLSv21d_UPDATED-07-NOV-2008(+url validation) and Information Pages Unlimited v2.05 but i'm getting the links in this way http://mysite/shop/-i-2.html also have article contrib installed and everything is ok there. if i disable ultimate seo the Information Pages Unlimited works fine. i don't know where to look at. any help will be appreciate