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  1. Learners_permit

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Thanks for the quick reply, Adam. :) I'll check on the QBI css files, but 3.0 sounds great to me and I can wait. Then I'll let you know how it installs on osCMax v 1.7. Peter
  2. Learners_permit

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Thanks for the quick reply. 0) Your assumption is correct, there is no osC footer either. 1) There is no HTML error in source other than abnormal termination of the source code. The last lines of aborted page source code are: <tr><td> </td><td> </td><td> </td></tr> <tr><td class="configsec"> 2) No php errors (or any others) are generated. 3) It happens in Netscape 7.2 as well as IE. Bonus information :) The server is running PHP 4.4.0; PHP is run as cgi, not as a module; and processes are run as my user ID. If you want, I can give you the login info to see for yourself. Thanks
  3. Learners_permit

    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, this is an amazing and well organized contribution. Thank you. If I can get it running with my setup, I'll definitely contribute money. :D I'm setting it up on my test osCMax v 1.7 system. I've installled all the files, made them accessible to the administrator and have successfully modified the database. However, when I go to the configure page, it ends after the shipping section and there is no more. No taxes, no submit button, etc. :huh: Is this because I need to modify one or more of the qbi files to reflect the different directory structure of osCMax?
  4. Learners_permit

    ECHO users: help me mature the ECHO module

    Hi Gabe, I installed Echo payment contribution last year on my test cart and it took about 3 tries with some debugging. I'm now in the midst of debugging its installation on my production cart and 1.7.4 is frustrating. I'd love to be your beta test for 1.8! :D The things I recall about 1.7.4 are: 1. The echo_class.php file in the contribution is an older version than the latest 1.6.1 I found elsewhere. 2. The new version of the class is named "echophp.class" rather than "echo_class.php". 3. There's an unescaped "/" in catalog/includes/languages/english/echo_cc.php. 4. There's a question as to whether I need to put my Echo merchant ID and pin inside the PHP code or whether it's handled from the admin interface when I install it. I have to get this up and running in the next few days, so please contact me ASAP. Thanks, Peter
  5. Learners_permit

    What payment gateway do you guys like and why.

    I've been running a working ecommerce site for almost two years. At first it was just one product and Paypal only--simple to just see how it all worked. It worked. Then I added a couple more items that increased the average order price. Still ok. Next my order volume increased and I started to get phone orders so I had to get a merchant account as there was no way I could charge other people's credit cards with Paypal. I searched a bunch and went with Echo-net/Merchant America. Not only did they have a good price, but they didn't charge an arm and a leg for challenges (or reversals or whatever they're called). I installed it so that I had to charge the cards manually. It worked great and I discovered that with a "real" merchant gateway my orders increased about 20% over Paypal. It seems some people couldn't figure out how to use Paypal, others had never done Internet credit card payments before and were skiddish, and for my low priced products, Paypal's minimum rate was more expensive than Echo-net/Merchant America. Now my volume has grown to the point that I need to implement a real-time gateway so credit cards are automatically charged right on the web. Echo-net/Merchant America offers that gateway at no additional charge. They also have a low cost way to accept checks on the web. So, I'd say what you do depends on your volume. I'd also say that as you learn and grow, you may well change what you need. Start with a provider that will let you do that. For instance, I wanted to change to QuickBooks Merchant Services as they have a nice integrated set up. However, when I looked into it, they have no real-time gateway and no way of processing checks! That won't work for me. I should also say that the Echo-net/Merchant America real-time gateway is a bitch to install--IMHO, which is why I am here looking for answers. It took 3 attempts and some serious debugging on my test shopping cart, but worked nicely afterwards. Now, I'm putting it on my production cart and I'm on my second attempt. Hope that helps, Peter B)
  6. Learners_permit

    Zone / Table Rate Methods

    I did the change to add more zones and that was fine, but when I try the checkout of the cart, I get a message saying it can't calculate shipping! :huh:
  7. Learners_permit

    Please, help me!!!! :(((

    I just solved this one. After setting up the test server as I'm sure you did, I got the same message. So, I called the 800 number for post office support and the fellow who was helping me said, "Ok. That's working fine. We'll switch you over to the production server and send you an email within 30 minutes." The email arrived in 1 minute and now it's working! B)
  8. Learners_permit

    Multiple zone based Flat Rates?

    I'm trying to do the exact same thing!!! Where in the admin panel do I set up the separate zones for the various countries? :huh: Please answer!!