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  1. Thanks, yeah I've tried that one, no luck though unfortunately.
  2. Hi everyone, I am having some headaches when trying to use this contrib, I have got it set up to the point where urls are changed to the seo friendly versions, (e.g. "") but any product page returns a "Page not found" error - making me think that there is an issue with the .htaccess file. The line in .htaccess which defines the site location reads: "RewriteBase /WEBSITES/oscommerce_test/catalog/" (I have also tried "/" and "/WEBSITES/oscommerce_test/") I am working on a clean installation of OSCommerce, .htaccess is in the right place (catalog) and is linked to the sites folder properly as far as I can tell. The database is set up to connect to localhost, however, and some people have also mentioned this can cause issues. I have seen some other people with the same issue but none of the solutions posted in this (huuuuge) thread have worked for me. Am I missing something obvious? Any help and I would be eternally in your debt.