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  1. Quick question! I customized 2-2.2d7 a little for my site. One thing I have always hated is that my provider forces me to install oscommerce in a subdirectory so I used this opportunity to have the urls look more like mysite.com/category/product.html - it works great with just a few modifications to the SEO code! Just one problem, the sessions are broken every time you navigate between the different subdirectories. I have the sessions working when I use mysite/oscommerce-directory/category/product.html but as soon as I strip out the oscommerce-directory part the sessions get broken. Does anyone have any idea what is causing this or how to fix it? Thanks!



  2. No the 2-2.2d versions do not 301 redirect seo urls at all, version 7 has just the category and product working.


    You can use the known stable "2.1d original updated" or the newer Ultimate Seo Urls 2.1d STABLE FINAL r164.


    2.1d ORIGINAL updated has an "add on" script included that does full 301 redirection and Ultimate Seo Urls 2.1d STABLE FINAL r164 has it as standard.


    My personal recommendation if you are on php5 is Ultimate seo urls 5 which 301 redirects ALL uri types and is fully stable.


    I might give it a try tomorrow - it's late here. I'll let you know how it goes!

  3. Great contribution! I had issues with mb_convert_case() on line 1570 of seo.class.php and I had to change it to


     $anchor = preg_replace($pattern, '', strtolower($string)); 


    Is this going to cause me any problems (like hackers, etc?)


    Also, I noticed that it only includes words that are 4+ characters in the name it generates from the product name. Does anyone know how to change that to 3+ and if that will make a difference? Thanks!

  4. Hi,


    I wanted to bump this post. What I am interested in is a module which will track orders I make to my suppliers and then increase the inventory when I receive them. I have created a rudimentary purchase order/inventory control system but it has taken far longer than I hoped and I still can't tracking things like customs charges, exchange rates and taxes. Does anyone have a solution? I also have attributes such as size and colour to track.



  5. Hello,


    I have just set up an osc site where we are selling baby products that come in a variety of colours. I have hacked the code so that it displays a table where users select the colour, I guess that is color to those of you south of the border. There are a lot of contributions about attributes but I haven't found one that deals with product colour - check out what I have done here: http://storksandberries.ca/store//catalog/...?products_id=97


    What I am looking for is a javascript that will select the radio box when someone clicks on the image (not everyone can find the radio button). Does anyone know if this exists? I would be happy to contribute what I have done so far if there is interest in it.


    Secondly, I am looking for an inventory tracking system that will keep track of purchases and sales as well as inventory levels for each attribute. I have scoured but not found anything. Any comments would be appreciated!