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  1. nontechie

    Need advice on Transaction Errors

    I used this fix for error 52- it worked for me. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=858160
  2. nontechie

    Authorize.net SIM order error

    I figured it out. Hopefully this post will help someone else in the future. This person's solution worked for me- very simple fix. Now I have a different error to figure out...urg. http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?s=&...st&p=858160
  3. nontechie

    Authorize.net SIM order error

    OK a few more notes for the mystery- I've noticed a few people are viewing this. I finally found someone at Authorize.net that could offer some information on the error. It is "error 52" The site gave me this info on the error- now I need to figure out how to fix.. I'll keep looking through other notes in the forum. Anyone else ever solved this error? Thanks...
  4. nontechie

    Autherize.net is working/processing but reads error!

    Seems like many people are strugling with SIM and oscommerce. I have having issues. Did you have find a solution?
  5. nontechie

    problem with Authorized.net

    Did this code change work for you? I looks like you are using AIM, not SIM- is that correct? Which file did you make this change to? Thanks. I'm struggling with a similar- not same- error.
  6. nontechie

    Authorize.net SIM order error

    Some additional notes for the mystery: After reviewing the setup on both ends and doing more "checkouts" I noticed that oscommerce is not recognizing this as a final checkout. In fact, the same items that were in my cart for invoice 8 are there when I go shopping for invoice 9. Also, Authorize.net does not have an invoice number. It seems like the Authorize.net SIM module interfered with oscommerce's ability to track the purchase. Any fixes for this?
  7. nontechie

    Authorize.net SIM order error

    I am signed up with Authorize.net and am using the Authorize.net SIM module on my site (www.tedannisjostens.com/ecommerce/ It is embedded in a folder right now until I know the site will work). I was on the phone with Authorize.net for about an hour and they told me my module settings are correct. When I add an item to my cart, and checkout- I am sent to the Authorize.net SIM capture site can add credit card and shipping info. Once I press submit, I get the following error: The order is sent to Authorize.net, but my oscommerce package does not register the order. IT doesn't show at all in my order views. Additionally, I am getting these errors on my admin tool, customer section: I am not a techie. I don't know php- only html. I can figure out how to replace code snippets though. It seems that others are having similar errors, but I don't see the same error. Are these 2 things related? Any fixes? Thanks so much for your help.