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  1. harootun

    CCBill Gateway Module

    Jake, Another question for you. I'd like to enable cookies in osCommerce so I can have user's log-ons work with a forum on my site as well as the osC store. Does this module work if cookies are enabled? Thanks in advance for any info!
  2. I have found a different contribution that does the job. Thank goodness (and thanks to AvanOsch a.K.a Zappo the Wizard of Osch)! Required Customer Details
  3. Yes, the earlier version has the missing file, but the new contribution says it's almost completely rewritten from the previous version.
  4. I downloaded this contribution but had problems getting it to work. One thing I noticed is that, in the readme file, it mentions that one of the files to be changes is catalog/account.php, but there is no account.php file in the package. Is this missing, or is the readme file incorrect? I'm a newbie, so I wasn't sure where to post. should I press the report button on the contribution, or is that for reporting an abusive contribution? Thanks!
  5. harootun

    CCBill Gateway Module

    Jake, thanks for the quick response. I've just set up my ccBill account and am trying to set up the subaccount properly. In your instructions to your contribution, you give the Approval URL and Denial URL for the form, but is it the same for the subaccount? I think so, but want to make sure. Also, since I'm a total idiot, do we put in anything where the %% are in the URL, or do they stay %%. Also, going forward, in selling downloadable content (one time only), do I need to create a new subaccount for each item? And will purchasers be able to buy more than one item at the same time? Any advice appreciated!
  6. harootun

    CCBill Gateway Module

    I'm a newbie setting up my first shop. Interested in using the CCBill Gateway Module. Does anyone know if it works with another contribution, Super Download Shop? Is Super Download shop helpful with this Module? Any advice appreciated!