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  1. I am launching a reworking of CCGV (Credit Class & Gift Vouchers) today, which harks back to an older version with various bug fixes and security patches applied. It also includes additional features:


    1. The ability to Delete gift vouchers in the Gift Voucher Queue from within osCommerce admin - for when customers don't follow up with payment.

    2. Queue Gift Vouchers is no longer optional - all vouchers are queued.

    3. The ability for customers to view their Gift Voucher Balance within their Account page and to send Gift Vouchers from that page.


    Please don't posts support requests for other versions of CCGV to this thread - they won't be answered!


    The contribution is available here:




    Rhea (Vger)



    Hi Rhea

    I am so a NEWBIE.


    I have been told by a couple of members that you might be able to help me in my plight.


    Perhaps if you can take a look at my site, www.ktllogistics.co.uk you will see what I have done so far..which is pretty much done through the admin tool on my pc. When it comes to doing all the other stuff I hit a brick wall because I cant get to the locations on my server that start with /catalog/etcetera.


    This morning I was told to download filezilla, which I have done and installed it BUT I still cant see/find the folders that I need to work with for my site.


    I have read the forum posts but have been unable to find the exact assistance that I need. Can you point me in the redirection?


    I would be happy to give you my cpanel username and password if that would help?


    I did try to message you but that didnt work..sorry